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Examples Of Our Case Results

$4.7 Million Premises Liability Verdict

$4.7 million-dollar premises liability verdict for a man and his family caused by a fall from a roof while working for a property management company. The company controlled the work site, but failed to provide safety equipment or harnesses that would have prevented the fall. The jury found that this failure was a substantial factor in causing the injury. The case is the largest injury verdict in the history of Nelson Circuit Court.

$3.475 Million Bad Faith Settlement

$3.475 million-dollar bad faith settlement against an insurance company and its agent in a case stemming from a wrongful death claim. After the death of our client, the family's claim was denied based on a claim that the policy was canceled. We obtained judgment against the driver's company, then moved against the carrier for the wrongful denial of coverage. We prevailed on the coverage issue before the trial court and were then able to obtain settlements.

$1.8 Million Judgment

$1.8 million-dollar judgment in Jefferson Circuit Court against a premises owner that grossly over-served its patron contributing to him sustaining a major head injury.

$1.49 Million ATV Wreck Settlement

$1,499,000 ATV Wreck Settlement. Our client was hurt when his friend recklessly drove an ATV, causing him to be thrown and severely injured. The case went to court but settled prior to going to trial. Our client was able to use the money to help get his life back together after being traumatically injured.

$1.48 Million Product Liability Settlement

$1,480,000 Product Liability Settlement case that involved a defective product that severely injured an employee of a large company. The client was able to pursue her workers' compensation while also securing this settlement against the product's manufacturer.

$1 Million Confidential Settlement

$1,000,000 Confidential Settlement for a severely injured young person hurt by the negligence of a local business.

$975,000 Wrongful Death Settlement

$975,000 Wrongful Death Settlement. Our client was the husband of his young wife who was killed by a negligent driver on a Kentucky roadway. We filed suit, used a top-notch accident reconstructionist to prove that she was not at fault, and ultimately recovered the limits of the policy.

$597,899 Judgment From The Nelson Circuit Court

$597,899 judgment from the Nelson Circuit Court against a negligent driver of a small pickup. The pickup struck a motorcyclist, causing him to sustain permanent injuries to his foot.

$570,000 Pedestrian v. Motor Vehicle Injury Settlement

$570,000 Pedestrian v. Motor Vehicle Injury Settlement. Our client suffered extensive injuries when she was struck by a motor vehicle on a local side-road.

$500,000 Wrongful Death Settlement

$500,000 Wrongful Death Settlement arising from death of a young father in Louisville.

$425,000 Settlement

$425,000 settlement against multiple defendants stemming from the wrongful death of our client, who was killed when the Commonwealth of Kentucky violated numerous highway maintenance policies. The claim also involved a separate motorist and the client's UIM coverage.

$350,000 Wrongful Death Settlement

$350,000 Wrongful Death Settlement. Our client suffered complications as a result of the injuries caused by a significant crash. She ultimately passed away. We were able to settle the case for her family for all available insurance coverage.

$340,000 Settlement

$340,000 in settlements obtained for our clients who were injured when an inattentive driver crossed the center line and struck our clients head-on. We were able to maximize the value by highlighting the potential long-term complications related to the type of injuries suffered.

$320,000 Trucker Negligence Settlement

$320,000 Trucker Negligence Settlement. Our client was able to recover despite attempts by the trucking company to blame him for the accident.

$305,000 Premises Liability Settlement

$305,000 Premises Liability Settlement. Our client suffered a broken ankle on a family outing as a result of a poorly designed "fun" activity.

$300,000 Slip-And-Fall Settlement

$300,000 Slip-and-Fall Settlement. Our client suffered a brain bleed after falling on a trip-hazard located outside of a restaurant.

$300,000 Wrongful Death Settlement

$300,000 Wrongful Death Settlement. Our client's family came to us after the investigating police agency found that he was the "at-fault" party. We hired top-notch accident reconstructionist, filed suit and ultimately settled the case for the available insurance limits.

$300,000 Product Liability Settlement

$300,000 Product Liability Settlement. Our client suffered extensive injuries caused by the absence of a safety guard on a piece of equipment he was using at work.

$265,000 Slip-And-Fall Settlement

$265,000 Slip-and-Fall Settlement. Our client slipped and fell on crumbling concrete, and suffered severe injuries.

$220,000 Slip-And-Fall Settlement

$220,000 Slip-and-Fall Settlement. Our client slipped on ice that the property owner failed to remove.

$145,000 Medical Malpractice Settlement

$145,000 Medical Malpractice Settlement resulting from poor care of a blood clot.

$100,000 Settlement

$100,000 Settlement against a property owner who allowed a tree to fall onto our client causing severe injury.

$80,000 Dog Bite Settlement

$75,000 ATV Wreck Settlement

$75,000 Settlement

$75,000 Settlement against a group that assaulted our client at a bar in Central Kentucky.


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