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At McCoy & Sparks, PLLC, our team understands the challenges that individuals with criminal records face in our society. Employment opportunities are more difficult. Voting is prohibited. Finding housing can be difficult. Reputations can be marred. Expungement makes a past conviction legally deniable and is stricken from the state's record. Our team can help walk eligible clients through this process and ensure that their petition for expungement is as thorough and compelling as possible.

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"Am I Eligible?"

This year, House Bill 40 was signed into law, raising the "ceiling" on what kind of criminal convictions can be expunged from a citizen's record. Previously, only citizens convicted of a misdemeanor could expunge their criminal record. Thanks to HB 40, now many Class D felonies can be stricken from an individual's record, as well.

The state of Kentucky does not allow all criminal convictions to be expunged. While recent laws have expanded on which kinds of convictions can qualify, there are still certain offenses that cannot be removed from a citizen's record.

In Kentucky, a past conviction cannot be expunged if:

  • The offense involved children
  • The offense was sexual in nature
  • The offense was convicted on the federal level
  • The offense took place out of state
  • The person has more multiple felony convictions

If your circumstances do not fall into one of the categories listed above, you could be eligible for expungement. Our legal team can help with make sure the application is a strong as possible. We’ll be with you in the courtroom to help convince the Court that granting the application is the right thing to do. From the necessary background checks to the final court date, our firm is ready to ensure that the state of Kentucky gives you every consideration you deserve.

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