Settlement Possible for Car Accident Face Injuries

Face injuries from a car accident can be the most traumatizing type of personal injury to endure. Not only can facial injuries be painful, but they can also result in scarring and disfigurement that can drastically change the way you look. This can cause a person to suffer emotionally and develop severe body negativity and […]

I Was In a Car Accident at an Intersection. Who’s at Fault?

Intersections bring together traffic from opposing directions and are the most dangerous places for accidents to take place. In fact, according to statistics from the NHTSA, 40% of all car accidents in the U.S. occur at intersections. What’s more, these same statistics show that 50% of all fatal car accidents occur at intersections.  There are […]

Accidents at Intersections in Kentucky and Why They Are Dangerous

Most of us learned that a red traffic light means to stop long before we got our licenses, and yet every year, drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are injured by vehicles that failed to stop for a red light causing accident at intersections in Kentucky. In fact, red light accidents increased nationwide by 17% from 2012 […]

Eye Injuries After a Car Accident

The eyes are an extremely sensitive part of our bodies. Though we don’t typically think to protect them while driving, eye injuries are common in car accidents. Though some eye injuries may only be minor or mild and can heal quickly or overtime, other are more severe and can lead to partial or total vision […]