Fatal Car Accidents and Rural Roads

America is often called a beautiful country for many reasons, one of which includes the miles and miles of rural roads that cross some beautiful landscapes. In fact, around 75% of all roads in the U.S. are in rural areas. Unfortunately, a new report released by the Governors Highway Safety Association has discovered that nearly […]

Who’s Liable in a Single Vehicle Accident?

Though accidents involving multiple vehicles are common, there are actually more accidents that happen involving a single vehicle. Nationwide, 55% of all fatal accidents in 2020 were single vehicle accidents.  However, just because there is only one car involved in these accidents doesn’t necessarily mean that the driver of that car is automatically the one […]

Is Hydroplaning an At Fault Accident?

Hydroplaning is a serious danger posed to Kentucky drivers during rainy and inclement weather. Especially common in the first ten minutes of light rainfall because the rain mixes with oil residue on roads, hydroplaning occurs when roads become slick and difficult to navigate. Additionally, the accumulation of water on the road can cause a vehicle […]