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Woman arrested following a deadly motorcycle crash in Lexington

There are several causes of vehicular accidents. Some of the factors that cause these fatal accidents may be distractions, impaired driving or speeding. However, with all of these factors, alcohol seems to be a common theme. Residents of Kentucky are not new to the accidents caused due to driving under the influence of alcohol. In a recent incident, a 37-year-old woman is charged with driving under the influence and has been arrested in connection with a deadly crash in Lexington.

According to police, the woman was driving a pickup and she pulled out in front of a motorcyclist. The crash happened on Rice Road, behind Keeneland around 9 p.m. Sunday. The motorcyclist was rushed to the Hospital for treatment and died approximately two hours after the collision from his injuries. According to the arrest records, the woman has admitted to drinking alcohol before driving. The police are examining further into the case and seeing if additional charges can be filed in connection against the accused driver.

It is disheartening to know that a driver’s negligence can tragically end with the loss of someone’s life. All drivers have a responsibility to be extremely cautious and pay attention while driving. Being alert while driving keeps the driver and everyone around safe. Someone always loses when an accident occurs, whether it is loss of life or financial loss.

Drunk driving has been a major disturbing issue for residents of Kentucky. Despite regular programs and campaigns by the authorities to educate people on the issue, there are many accidents due to drunk driving reported in the state. Impaired driving can cause extreme grief for the surviving family members of the accident victim. At times, the deceased is the sole bread-winner for the family and a caring father or a mother. An accident caused by a drunk driver can deprive a family of its happiness. Many times accident victims suffer serious injuries leading to partial or permanent disability.

A legal expert may be needed to assist with filing a wrongful death claim. This could result in financial compensation for the family to help pay medical bills and funeral costs. Though a claim for monetary loss can be filed, no amount of compensation can fill the void left by the departed soul.