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How To Win A Left Turn Accident Case in Kentucky

Most people don’t like making left turns, especially when there is a lot of oncoming traffic and impatient drivers are lined up behind honking their horns. Sometimes a break in the oncoming traffic is not quite as long as it looks. Sometimes the speed of oncoming cars is underestimated. In intersections, there is always the […]

Is It Legal to Operate a Motor Vehicle with Headphones in Kentucky?

These days, it’s not uncommon for drivers to wear headphones or wireless earbuds to have hands-free access to their phones for music, podcasts, directions, and phone calls. Some people even turn to noise-canceling headphones if they have sensory issues or feel they can’t focus without blocking out background noises. Unfortunately, driving while wearing these devices […]

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Kentucky?

For many, riding a motorcycle is highly enjoyable and preferable to other modes of transportation. Some even pick up motorcycle riding as a hobby by joining motorcycle enthusiast groups and partaking in social rides. There are even many benefits to riding a motorcycle, such as saving on gas, finding easier parking, and maneuvering through traffic […]

When Can an Injured Person Make a Claim for Emotional Distress?

Emotional distress comes under the umbrella of pain and suffering; it’s the “suffering” part. In Kentucky, there are two avenues by which a person may make a claim for emotional distress: Intentional infliction of emotional distress (IIED) Negligent infliction of emotional distress (NIED) This article will define both of them and explain under which circumstances […]

Why Speeding Drivers Often Cause Fatal Accidents

Drivers who speed have many reasons, but the thing they have in common is that they all believe that they are capable of handling their vehicles; they don’t set out to be involved in accidents. Unfortunately, they are wrong. Speeding is a huge problem, both in Kentucky and in the United States. The National Highway […]

Holding The Trucking Company Responsible for A Runaway Trailer Accident

Trucking accidents can be quite devastating. These large commercial vehicles can weigh up to 80,000 lbs when carrying heavy cargo. Unfortunately, passenger vehicle occupants are the ones who are most often injured and even killed in these types of accidents due to the smaller size of passenger cars in comparison to large semi-trucks. Injured victims […]

Herniated Discs After Kentucky Car Accidents

A herniated disc can be an extremely painful spinal injury since part of your spine is putting extra pressure on nearby nerves. It causes intense back pain, plus radiating sensations of burning, numbness, and weakness. Oddly enough, some people feel no pain from them at all – at least initially, until other symptoms arise. Muscles […]

Types of Burn Injuries Resulting From Car Accidents

When a car catches fire after an accident, it can result in severe and disfiguring burn injuries. In the aftermath, victims can easily develop infections and other complications if their burns are not properly treated. In addition to the physical scarring left behind, traumatic car accidents that result in burn injuries can also be extremely […]

Soft Tissue Injuries – Can They Be Permanent?

Soft tissue injuries can often result from incidents like a car accident. This is because it doesn’t take much trauma or impact to tear or strain our muscles and ligaments. Certain groups such as elderly individuals and others with less healthy and tight muscles are more susceptible to these injuries.  While most healthy individuals can […]

Fall Deer Collisions on the Rise in Kentucky

Fall is a breathtakingly beautiful time of year accompanied by holidays and outdoor fun. Although there’s much to be thankful for during the season, it’s also a period marked by a steep increase in deer-related vehicular collisions. Drivers should always stay vigilant on the road and keep an eye out for animals throughout the year, […]