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Can I Sue for Hearing Loss After a Car Accident in Kentucky?

Though hearing loss is not often associated with car accidents, it can and does occur after these kinds of incidents. This is because the head and neck are often areas that become injured in car accidents, and when the head or neck sustains trauma, it can result in ear damage.  While some people might only […]

Can You Sue a Doctor for Misdiagnosis in Kentucky? A Misdiagnosis Happens More Often Than You Think.

Misdiagnosis errors are all too common. While it is understandable that a doctor might not immediately know what a patient is suffering from due to limited symptoms and a lack of evidence, there are plenty of cases where misdiagnoses happen because the doctor simply didn’t do a good enough job evaluating the patient or because […]

Shoulder Pain After a Car Accident in Kentucky

Shoulder pain is a common occurrence after car accidents. While shoulder pain can be a sign of only a minor injury, such as muscle strain, it can also signify more severe injuries connected to your neck and back.  Unfortunately, because shoulder pain and the injuries connected to it are not always immediately apparent, victims may […]

Here’s What You Should Know About Right of Way Laws in Kentucky

All states, including Kentucky, have laws in place concerning right-of-way. Though most drivers pick up on basic right-of-way behaviors and practices from the moment they begin learning to drive, many often forget the rules over time or become lazy and ignore them. In some cases, many drivers will even think they know what the right-of-way […]

What Happens When a Car Accident Is Due to a Medical Condition in Kentucky?

When you are injured in an accident, the negligent driver is typically the one held liable and their insurance company is responsible for awarding damages to the injured party. But what happens when a person’s medical condition causes an accident?  This is a controversial topic because some believe that a person should not be charged […]

Does Overcorrecting Driving Cause Car Accidents in Kentucky?

Overcorrecting driving is an issue in all states, including Kentucky. Almost all drivers have overcorrected at some point in their life as it is a somewhat natural reaction to various situations, such as poor road conditions, animals or children running into the road, and road debris. People also overcorrect driving when another driver negligently enters […]

Accidents at Intersections in Kentucky and Why They Are Dangerous

Most of us learned that a red traffic light means to stop long before we got our licenses, and yet every year, drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are injured by vehicles that failed to stop for a red light causing accident at intersections in Kentucky. In fact, red light accidents increased nationwide by 17% from 2012 […]

Mistakes That Could Affect Your Brain Injury Compensation Claim

Brain injuries are extremely serious and should never be taken lightly. Even an injury such as a minor concussion can have lasting effects on a victim’s life and create complications further down the road. From hospital bills to physical therapy, TBIs often alter the course of victims’ lives forever, so it’s extremely important to speak […]

Common Causes of Wrong-Way Accidents

Wrong-way collisions are serious incidents that can result in devastating damages and injuries. These types of accidents tend to happen unexpectedly to innocent drivers who suddenly find another car driving toward them from the opposite direction. When this happens, there is often little time to react or potentially nowhere to go to get out of […]