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Giving Back to Our Front Line Healthcare Workers in the Wake of COVID-19

Summary: In the midst of the pandemic, Kentuckians are working together to support one another and give back to our frontline healthcare workers. At McCoy & Sparks, we want to give back too. For healthcare workers who live and work in our area and who work directly with patients in today’s environment, our team is offering a free last will and testament, power of attorney, and a living will through the end of May.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys. Keith Sparks here, McCoy & Sparks. You know every day you see these pictures of people that are working in the hospitals who have a scarred up marked up faces from having an N-95 mask pressed against her face all day. You see stories about local heroes, people like Sidney Culver who went to New York City to help people that were in need. And you want to give back. So our firm wants to do a little something to give back to the people that are taking care of us. So here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to give a free will and testament, along with the power of attorney, and the living will to anyone who meets two basic criteria.

First you have to be a direct patient provider, nurse, physician, therapist, someone who works with patients in today’s environment. And number two, you have to either live or work in the counties that we regularly service, which include Nelson, Marion, Washington, Hart, Larue or Hardin counties. Meet those two criteria and call me by the end of May. Get something on the book. We don’t have to have it done by the end of May, but get it on the books. A scheduled appointment before May with me, Keith Sparks, and I will take care of you. Please share this post to anyone that you know might benefit from this. And remember, McCoy & Sparks, in your town, on your team.