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Living in Nelson County

Nelson County was the fourth county ever created in Kentucky, and is named after Thomas Nelson, Jr., a signer of the Declaration of Independence. It’s now home to over 45,000 and is one of the fastest growing counties in Kentucky. The 21,000+ working people in the county are employed mainly in manufacturing, healthcare and retail. Bardstown is the largest city, as well as the county seat of Nelson County It’s the quintessential Kentucky town. Bardstown is regularly recognized as one of the most beautiful small town’s in America, having previously won that title as awarded by Rand McNally/USA Today. It was recently included in Foder’s list of best small towns in the United States.

Bourbon has a proud heritage and is BIG business in Bardstown, where there are more than eight distilleries and extensive bourbon tourism business.  At one point in recent history, more than 80% of the world’s bourbon was produced within 50 miles of Bardstown. The City is known as the “Bourbon Capital of the World” and is host to the annual Kentucky Bourbon Festival in September.

Nelson County is also home to the beautiful and historical towns of New Haven and Bloomfield.

Driving in Nelson County

In Nelson County, the majority of traffic flows through US Highway 31E, a main thoroughfare for those traveling to/from Louisville. This road saw 3,933 crashes between 2013-2016, which is a large percentage of the 5,597 total crashes between 2012-2016. It has been the location of numerous fatalities. US Highway 150 is another corridor which crosses Nelson County from Bullitt to Washington counties.

The Bluegrass Parkway is a large limited access highway that connects Lexington to Elizabethtown. “The BG” as it’s known to locals is where most of the counties big truck traffic flows. It also routinely sees significant and serious collisions.

Big rigs traveling this corridor are another source of serious accidents and injuries. In 2018, according to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, tractor-trailers were responsible for almost 10% of crash fatalities, even though they account for only 4% of total crashes. And fatalities are just part of the picture. More often, victims are left with life-altering, serious injuries.

Causes of Accidents in Nelson County

Most road accidents involve at least one of these factors – speeding, distracted driving, or driving while intoxicated. In addition, semi trucks have higher incidences of tire or brake failure (cited in over 150 accidents in Kentucky in 2017) and issues with cargo (over 200 accidents with “load securement” or “oversize load” mentioned). Adding to this greater danger posed by tractor-trailer accidents, those injured have to deal with corporate lawyers who represent the business that owns the truck – far more complex than what you could face with the usual fender-bender, where you’re likely to exchange insurance information and go about your day.

Motorcyclists were involved in 72 injury accidents in Nelson County between 2012 and 2016. Not having the protection of a car around you and the lack of a mandatory helmet law makes motorcycle riding particularly dangerous. Kentucky is one of the 28 states that require only some motorcyclists to wear a helmet, even though the NHTSA says 1,872 motorcyclist lives were saved in 2017 because they were wearing helmets. They further say that if all riders had worn helmets, an additional 749 lives would have been saved.

At McCoy and Sparks, we’re committed to providing comprehensive legal care with personal attention. We understand the difficulties involved with recovering from catastrophic injuries, and we have trained medical personnel on staff to help our lawyers better understand your injury, and we use this information to maximize the amount of your recovery. Our firm has regularly obtained verdicts and settlements from Nelson County injury cases. We’ve won multiple jury trials involving injured Nelson County residents, including the largest jury award in the counties history. We’re proven. We’re local. We will strive to give you the best possible representation that you could receive anywhere.

You Can Count on McCoy & Sparks for Expert Legal Representation

McCoy & Sparks is here for the people of Nelson County. We have extensive experience in a variety of practice areas, so contact us for legal advice for any cases involving:

  • Wrongful Death
    • If you believe that a reckless or negligent person or company was the cause of an accident leading to the wrongful death of your loved one or family member, you face bills for their medical care and funeral expenses.
    • Although no sum of money can bring back your loved one, our legal team cares about helping ensure that you don’t suffer financially on top of your emotional suffering. Recovering damages in a wrongful death case can help you to take care of financial obligations and move on to recover in peace.
  • Medical Malpractice
    • When you or a loved one suffer serious harm from a medical error, you’re entitled to seek compensation from all of the parties involved.
    • Even with malpractice damage caps, injured patients and their families are eligible for compensation that reaches hundreds of thousands of dollars. As a matter of fact, we recently got our client $145,000 Medical Malpractice Settlement resulting from poor care of a blood clot.
  • Product Liability
    • Whether the injury you suffered was caused by a failure to warn of side effects, a design flaw, or a manufacturing defect, you may be entitled to compensation for your injury and for your pain and suffering.
    • To navigate the court system, find and hire experts, and issue the correct subpoenas, McCoy & Sparks can make sure everything is done correctly and help you receive the maximum compensation.
  • Car Accidents
    • Most car accidents occur as a result of a negligent driver who wasn’t paying attention and didn’t take the necessary precautions to prevent collisions. There are certain responsibilities drivers have, and when they fail to drive safely, they should be held accountable for their actions.
    • After a car accident, having an attorney represent you can help you recover the maximum compensation for your injuries. If another person or party was at fault for your injuries, you also may be able to hold them liable for your pain, suffering, lost wages and other issues.
  • Truck Accidents
    • Tractor-trailers are huge vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds, and a negligent truck driver can easily cause a violent collision with a much smaller car or pickup truck. The law recognizes that a negligent trucker’s employer can be held at least partly responsible for injuries the driver caused you, depending on the circumstances.
    • If you’ve been seriously injured in a truck accident in Nelson or the surrounding counties, McCoy & Sparks, works to get you fair compensation for your pain and suffering, hospital bills, lost wages and more.
  • Motorcycle Accidents
    • Motorcyclists can be hit for any number of reasons, including negligent drivers who don’t yield the right-of-way and drivers who just aren’t paying attention. This can lead to serious physical and emotional harm, with trauma ranging from road rash to severe brain injuries.
    • McCoy & Sparks is dedicated to giving our clients professional and aggressive legal advocacy. After serious accidents, we conduct thorough investigations to get you the compensation you deserve.
  • Distracted Driving
    • Distracted driving is a national crisis. The National Highway Transportation And Safety Administration around 481,000 Americans use their cellphone behind the wheel every day. If you’ve been seriously injured in a distracted driving wreck, you could be dealing with long-term disabilities that reduce your quality of life and take away your ability to support your family.
    • We’ll investigate your crash to show who’s at fault. McCoy & Sparks will help you confront the insurance company to get you the maximum settlement, and if necessary, we’ll take the defendant to court to get a fair result.
  • Dog Bites
    • Being attacked by a dog is terrifying but not uncommon. You may think you have no legal options, but if someone else’s dog attacks you, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim, and most homeowner’s liability policies cover dog bites.
    • Our goal at McCoy & Sparks is to do whatever possible, including using our extensive knowledge and medical resources, to help achieve a positive outcome. We seek to recover the fair amount of compensation you may deserve, not just for and lost wages, but to also compensate you for your pain and suffering.
  • Family Law
    • If you are currently going through a divorce or dealing with another serious issue related to family law, you are likely going through a very emotionally stressful time. Family law cases can be confusing and are often quite time-consuming to resolve. This is why it is important to have an attorney to represent you, whether you handle things out of court or require a judge to make the decision.
    • Our Nelson County family law attorneys are highly experienced and knowledgeable in matters relating to family law. We have the ability to handle virtually any situation you bring to us, and we keep your goals in mind as we fight to protect your rights.
  • Criminal Defense
    • After you have been arrested or charged with a crime, it is typical to feel panicked and stressed about what is going to happen to you. You have a right to know how to best protect yourself. We can help.
    • Time is always of the essence when it comes to a criminal case, and you need an attorney and legal team who are experienced with criminal defense. At McCoy & Sparks, PLLC, our criminal defense attorneys have more than 60 years of combined experience and are prepared to defend virtually any case. Our lawyers include a former prosecutor. We have won acquittals in multiple counties in Central Kentucky, including felony and misdemeanor charges.

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