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What is Nursing Home Neglect?

nursing home neglect

When families make the difficult decision to transition a loved one into a nursing home for proper medical care and support, they expect diligent and appropriate attention from the facility’s staff.

Unfortunately, many nursing homes are understaffed and sometimes hire unqualified people to care for your loved one. In instances where residents in Kentucky nursing homes endure harm due to lack of care, it often points to neglect.

nursing home law

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines neglect as failing to fulfill an older adult’s basic needs, including food, water, essential medical care, hygiene, shelter, and clothing. 

Neglect can be active neglect, deliberate failure by nursing home staff, or passive neglect arising from inadequate training or knowledge.

If your loved one has suffered at the hands of nursing home staff, you may have grounds for a nursing home neglect lawsuit. 

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What Should I Do If I Suspect a Kentucky Nursing Home of Abuse?

If you harbor suspicions of nursing home abuse, it’s crucial to address your concerns with your loved one before talking to the nursing home. Any details they can add will help you provide specific evidence to the nursing home administrator and strengthen your case.

nursing home neglect

Staff members might attempt to downplay your inquiries or dismiss your worries when confronted. Persistence may be necessary, as you may need to broach the subject multiple times. 

However, if you fear for your loved one’s physical safety, it may be necessary to escalate the matter, including reporting your concerns to law enforcement.

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Can I Sue for Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect?

In cases where a nursing home resident suffers significant physical or psychological harm, the facility’s owner may be held financially accountable through a personal injury lawsuit

Liability may also extend to the nursing home staff or contractors, such as nurses, aides, or third-party service providers. Check with our lawyers for nursing home abuse to determine who the at-fault parties are in your loved ones’ case.

Our nursing home neglect attorneys will thoroughly investigate the situation to establish four key elements of liability:

  • Duty of care: Nursing home staff and management are legally obligated to provide reasonable care to residents.
  • Breach of duty: Failure by the facility to fulfill its caregiving obligations amounts to a breach of duty.
  • Causation: The neglect directly caused the resident’s injury.
  • Damages: Compensation is sought to address the resident’s injury, including medical expenses and pain and suffering.

What Evidence Do I Need to Prove Nursing Home Abuse?

nursing home abuse

All care provided to a nursing home resident should be meticulously documented. Our investigation involves obtaining various records, including medical documentation and insurance claims, to ascertain the care provided.

Your lawyers for nursing home neglect can obtain security camera footage from the facility that can be crucial in revealing instances of neglect. Additionally, interviews with staff and visitors may shed light on negligent practices.

We work diligently to build a solid case to secure maximum compensation for the resident and hold the nursing home accountable. While many cases are resolved through negotiation, we are prepared to litigate if necessary.

What Damages Are Recoverable In a Nursing Home Negligence Case? 

In nursing home abuse cases, we aim to ensure the resident’s safety and obtain appropriate medical treatment. The type(s) of compensation is based on the injuries received and the actions that led to them. 

Recoverable damages may include:

  • Medical expenses arising from injuries related to nursing home abuse.
  • Costs associated with relocating the victim to a new care facility.
  • Compensation for neglect-related pain, suffering, and emotional distress.
  • Punitive damages for intentionally malicious actions. 

McCoy & Sparks has a track record of success in handling nursing home neglect cases and is here to help you determine the compensation your loved one is due.

Let Our Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys Fight for Your Loved One

If you suspect nursing home abuse or neglect in a Kentucky facility, our nursing home neglect attorneys are here to help. We’ll investigate your concerns, ensure your loved one’s safety, and pursue compensation for their injuries.

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