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Common Car Accident Brain Injuries

car accident brain injuries

Car accidents can lead to traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), including concussions and more severe brain injuries. Even without direct impact to the head, the sudden jolt from a car crash can cause significant harm. While external injuries may be visible, the internal damage of TBIs can be equally, if not more, detrimental.

According to the CDC, there were over 69,473 TBI-related deaths in 2021. Symptoms of common car accident brain injuries resulting from car accidents may not manifest immediately and can develop or worsen over time. These symptoms can range from mild to severe and may change as time progresses.

The experienced central Kentucky car accident lawyers at McCoy & Sparks understand the complexities of securing compensation for traumatic brain injuries in car accidents. We are here to provide the necessary legal support, ensuring you receive the medical care you need and building a strong personal injury claim on your behalf.

Recognizing Concussions from Car Accidents in Kentucky

You may have heard about concussions in relation to sports, where athletes sustain blows to the head. Symptoms of brain injuries after car accidents may not appear immediately, but there can be long-term effects of car accident brain injuries. Similarly, a car crash can cause a concussion, also known as a mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI).

Common Concussion Symptoms

  • Temporary loss of consciousness for a few seconds to several minutes.
  • Feeling disoriented, confused, or having reduced mental clarity.
  • Difficulty concentrating and maintaining focus.
  • Persistent or recurring headaches.
  • Nausea and occasional vomiting.
  • Chronic fatigue, drowsiness, or low energy levels.
  • Slurred speech or difficulty speaking clearly.
  • Trouble falling asleep or staying awake.
  • Excessive sleepiness.
  • Dizziness, lightheadedness, or balance problems.
  • Changes in senses, such as ringing in the ears, altered taste, or blurred vision.
  • Increased sensitivity to sound or light.
  • Impaired memory, affecting short-term or long-term recollection.
  • Mood or personality changes, including depression, anxiety, or irritability.

It’s important to note that not all individuals with mild traumatic brain injuries will experience all of these symptoms. Consulting a medical professional is crucial to obtain an accurate assessment. Start by visiting your family doctor, who may refer you to a specialist, if necessary.

To ensure you receive appropriate compensation for your car accident, it’s crucial to attend all recommended medical appointments for periodic evaluations of your symptoms.

Symptoms of Brain Injuries After Car Accidents: Moderate to Severe TBIs

Concussions from car accidents are common even in seemingly minor common car accident brain injuries. However, more severe accidents can lead to moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries in car accidents, which present more pronounced symptoms.

These symptoms may include all the previously mentioned concussion symptoms, along with additional indicators such as:

  • Extended loss of consciousness lasting several hours.
  • Persistent and worsening headaches.
  • Severe and recurring nausea, accompanied by frequent vomiting.
  • Severe speech difficulties, including word-finding challenges and incoherent sentences.
  • Excessive and prolonged periods of sleep with difficulty awakening.
  • Intermittent or periodic seizures or convulsions.
  • Pupillary dilation and other physiological changes.
  • Weakness or numbness in extremities, like fingers and toes.
  • Heightened confusion and disorientation.
  • Impaired coordination or complete loss thereof.
  • Clear fluid drainage from the nose or ears.
  • Profound personality and mood changes, particularly irritability and agitation.
  • Drastic changes in behavior.
  • Entry into a comatose state for any duration.

Documenting Treatment and Support for Your Kentucky Car Accident Claim

Traumatic brain injuries are unique to each individual, making the diagnosis and prognosis challenging. Sometimes, it may take time to recognize the role of a car crash in causing the long-term effects of car accident brain injuries, and the symptoms may not be immediately attributed to the accident. Regardless, comprehensive documentation is crucial throughout the process.

The skilled Central Kentucky car accident lawyers at McCoy & Sparks can provide guidance and answer any questions about your case. We can help you gather the necessary documentation to support your claim effectively. Maintaining accurate records strengthens your case and helps defend your right to fair compensation. For instance, keeping a car accident journal can document how the TBI affects your daily life.

Remember that TBI symptoms may not manifest immediately after a car accident, but seeking immediate medical attention is essential. This serves as the foundation for any medical claims you may pursue. Documenting the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment plans, and outcomes is crucial evidence for your personal injury claim.

Moreover, TBIs can sometimes be misdiagnosed in older adults, as symptoms may resemble other common conditions like dementia. Accurate records can help establish a connection between these changes and the car crash.

Recovering Damages with the Aid of a Central Kentucky Car Accident Lawyer

TBI symptoms rarely vanish overnight, which is why it’s crucial to work with a skilled central Kentucky car accident lawyer who can help you recover both current and future damages.

Examples of potential damages include:

  • Long-term medical care, such as physical therapy or compensating for loss of function.
  • Long-term mental health care, including treatment for anxiety, depression, and trauma.
  • Long-term disability.
  • Emotional and psychological distress.
  • Lost wages and reduced future earning potential.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Diminished quality of life, such as loss of consortium or reduced enjoyment.
  • Punitive damages.

Traumatic brain injuries in car accidents can have lifelong consequences, impacting individuals physically, mentally, and emotionally. The first step in preventing brain injuries in car accidents is to drive safely and wear your seatbelt. But if you are safe and still suffer an injury, we’re here for you. To receive the fair compensation you deserve, collaborate with an experienced Central Kentucky car accident lawyer at McCoy & Sparks who can accurately assess the long-term effects of your common car accident brain injury. Call us at 844-459-9467 or contact us on our website for your free consultation.