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    Every year in Kentucky, thousands of people experience car accidents and hundreds of them lose their lives. These accidents can be extremely traumatic and leave victims with lifelong scars. In fact, car accidents are the #1 cause of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the general population.

    Have you or a loved one been injured in a recent car accident? It is important that you retain the legal services of an experienced attorney immediately after you have received medical attention. Wait too long, and you could miss your chance to recover the compensation you need to heal and move forward.

    At McCoy & Sparks, our team of Central Kentucky car accident lawyers represent people that have been hurt in car accidents and motorcycle accidents. We take cases throughout Kentucky. With decades of experience, our motor vehicle accident lawyers know what it takes to build a case on behalf of an injured victim. Some law firms say they can handle an injury case, we have decades of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients that can confirm our knowledge and work.

    Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of car accidents we see in Kentucky, along with the top causes of collisions. We’d also like to share some steps you can take to hold the right person responsible for your accident.

    Types of Car Accidents We See in Kentucky

    Although major interstates and big cities have plenty of crashes, neither of these are the Commonwealth’s #1 most dangerous place on the road. Can you guess which type of road is the biggest threat to your safety in Kentucky?

    According to Kentucky State Police crash data, the most common type of car crash in the state is a rural two-lane highway crash with no median. That’s not a big surprise given that this describes most of Kentucky’s roadways. The combination of moderate-to-high speed, changing geography, and a lack of a center divider makes these accidents more frequent and more damaging than others. One moment you’re enjoying the scenery on a Kentucky highway, and the next moment you’re in a severe auto accident.

    Rural one-lane and two-lane non-highway roads also have very high crash rates. Kentucky’s rural roads simply present a variety of dangers that you don’t typically find on big-city roads: hills, curves, intersections, crossing traffic, deer and other animals, road debris, and fewer street lights and safety features than most urban areas.

    Here are the primary types of accidents we see in Kentucky:

    Head-on collisions can easily occur almost anywhere without medians. These are often fatal due to the dynamic forces of two vehicles impacting. While only about 2% of all crashes are head-on collisions they account for 10% of all road fatalities and 13% of rural road fatalities.

    Rear-end collisions. These can occur at a high speed on the highway, at a low speed on a suburban road, in stopped traffic near a construction zone, in a parking lot, and in plenty of other places. They often happen due to distracted driving, like looking at text messages on a cell phone.

    Side-impact collisions and “t-bone” collisions involve an impact to the side of one vehicle, typically when the other car hits it with its front bumper. Because these accidents involve steep angles, they are likely to crush the vehicle inward and cause bodily damage.

    A sideswipe is similar to a side-impact except it happens at a less steep angle and involves one car sliding along the other’s side. These tend to cause less severe vehicle damage and bodily harm. However, they can contribute to more serious accidents like rollovers and accidents where a vehicle leaves the roadway and impacts something nearby at a high rate of speed. A very low-impact collision between cars can still cause devastating consequences.

    Causes of Kentucky Car Accidents

    The causes of car accidents have been heavily studied for more than half a century. Here in central Kentucky and Lexington, KY, some of the most common causes of accidents and property damage that ultimately result in injuries and fatalities are:

    • Human error
    • Speeding
    • Drunk/drugged driving
    • Driving while tired
    • Distracted driving/multitasking
    • Driving in icy, foggy, and wet weather
    • Carelessness
    • Reckless driving
    • Road rage
    • Road racing
    • Debris in the road
    • Mobility/vision issues
    • Failure to stop
    • Failure to properly maintain tires, brakes, and other vehicle features

    The #1 cause of car accidents is human error. The other top factors in fatal and severe car accidents include speeding, drunk driving, fatigued driving, and distracted driving. The National Safety Council attributes 25% of all car accidents to distracted driving, primarily using a cell phone while driving. This number is rising.

    Drunk driving accounts for about 14% of all Kentucky car accidents. When alcohol and drugs are involved, a person’s reaction time slows and accidents tend to be much more severe with secondary factors like speeding or falling asleep.

    If someone causes a car crash that hurts you or injures someone you love, McCoy & Sparks can help you recover the losses that you suffered. We’ll help you accomplish the many tasks that arise after a car accident, like:

    • Reconstructing your accident
    • Talking to the authorities
    • Dealing with the insurance company
    • Gathering your medical bills
    • Identifying witnesses
    • Locating experts who can comment on your case
    • Organizing your legal paperwork
    • Deciphering the insurance maze
    • Preparing for meetings and court dates
    • Settling your case or take it to court

    After a car accident, your attorney with Central Kentucky Car Accident Lawyers will help you recover the money you need to get through this challenging point in your life. With proper compensation, you can begin to find some peace of mind and get your financial house back in order.

    In many car accident situations, we can help you get compensation for:

    • Medical costs
    • Future medical bills related to the crash
    • Lost wages
    • The cost of future earnings you will miss
    • Services you may need, like therapy or in-home help
    • Pain and suffering

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