What Are the 4 D’s of Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice is a term that encompasses the many different scenarios in which a doctor, medical professional, or healthcare worker fails to provide appropriate treatment, gives substandard treatment, or omits an appropriate action, and this leads to treatment that causes the patient to experience harm, injury, or even death. Unfortunately, these events are not rare. […]

A Guide to Kentucky’s No-Fault Car Accident Law

What you’ll learn reading this article: The term “no-fault” is commonly misunderstood. A negligent Kentucky driver can still be held accountable for their actions. You can file a lawsuit with the help of a car accident lawyer. Kentucky is a no-fault insurance state, but that doesn’t mean someone can simply say, “Not my fault!” and […]

What to Do If You’re Injured in a Kentucky Hit-and-Run Accident

Summary: Hit-and-run accidents in Kentucky happen tens of thousands of times annually. These accidents require specific communication with your insurance company to manage Kentucky’s no-fault insurance laws. McCoy & Sparks can help you navigate this process to get the help you need after a hit-and run injury. A hit-and-run accident is incredibly frustrating, especially so […]

The Dangers of DUIs and ATV Accidents

Summary: Kentucky ranks fifth in the nation for fatalities associated with ATV accidents, but when alcohol is involved, it’s a true recipe for disaster. Under Kentucky law, ATV operators can be charged with a DUI anywhere, even on private property. Operating an ATV under the influence is illegal and can lead to life-threatening injuries. McCoy […]

Who Is at Fault in a Work Zone Crash?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our state’s roads and highways magically fixed themselves? We would never need construction work zones again. Just think — no more potholes, no more necessity for road widenings or added lanes, no more tree branches overhanging the road, no more faded lane markers that need repainting, and no more snow. […]

How Failure to Wear a Helmet Can Affect Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

In the state of Kentucky, those under 21 years of age and those who have had a motorcycle license for under a year are required to wear a helmet by law. However, all individuals who ride motorcycles–as drivers or passengers–should consider the many risks associated with a lack of helmet before choosing not to wear […]

Burned-Out Healthcare Workers Cause Serious Medical Errors

What you’ll learn reading this article: Physician burnout was already on the rise before the COVID-19 pandemic. Medical mistakes are happening every day in Kentucky. If you’re injured due to a medical error, you can sue for compensation. Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, healthcare workers were already facing another type of crisis: burnout. A National […]

Top Summer Injuries to Avoid

I’ve Been Injured This Summer. What Are My Options? Scorching temperatures and longer days; summer is officially here.  While things look a little different this year, many families will still take road trips to vacation destinations, and we’re seeing a major increase in Americans spending time in the great outdoors during the pandemic. Road trips, […]

Can a Pharmacy Be Sued for Negligence in Kentucky?

Summary: Medication errors cause 1.3 million injuries each year. There are all kinds of ways that a pharmacy or pharmacist can be found negligent, from forgetting to conduct a patient review to dispensing a wrong dose or the wrong medication– and the results can be life-altering and even fatal. If your pharmacy has committed malpractice, […]