How to Prove Distracted Driving in a Kentucky Auto Accident

What you’ll learn from this article: What is distracted driving? It might seem innocent enough to take your eyes off the road for a moment while you check your phone or talk to someone in the car. But at 55 mph, just a few seconds of inattention is like driving the length of a football […]

What Happens if You Accidentally Ran a Red Light and Caused a Crash in Kentucky?

What you’ll learn from this article: Running a red light doesn’t seem like a big deal until a car crash happens and people are injured. Now you’re at the center of a contentious battle over medical bills, vehicle damage, and other life-changing losses. National statistics show that red light running is one of the most […]

How to Get a Car Accident Police Report in Kentucky

Car accidents can be scary and overwhelming. As a result of the initial shock and trauma in the moments that follow an accident, it’s not uncommon for victims to make mistakes that can negatively affect their car accident claim.  For example, some people will avoid calling the police because they don’t want to make the […]

What is Accident Reconstruction, and Does it Help?

When car accidents occur, it’s not uncommon for there to be multiple different stories about what happened. Unfortunately, your car accident claim could be negatively affected without accurate knowledge of what happened.  When you file a claim after a Kentucky car accident to recover compensation for your injuries and other damages, your attorney and others […]

Leg Injuries and Car Accidents

Driver Knowledge estimates over six million passenger car accidents occur in the United States annually. From those accidents, about three million people in the US suffer an injury, with ⅔ of those individuals being left with a permanent or life-altering injury.  While these car accidents can cause serious injuries and can impact any place in […]

The 5 Types of Driver Impairment You Should Know

Negligent driving is the most common cause of most vehicle accidents. And in most cases, negligence includes things like disobeying traffic laws such as speeding, running red lights and stop signs, failing to yield the right-of-way, etc.  However, there are also types of driver impairment that can lead to car accidents. These impairments, such as […]

Compensation from Nerve Damage after a Car Accident

Nerve damage is just one of many long-term injuries that can be caused by a car accident.  Our bodies are full of nerves and nerve endings, and even a small injury to one of these nerves can cause lasting pain and suffering. Presented in the right way, these injuries can produce large settlements or verdicts.  […]

Here’s What to Do If You Have Been Hit by an Uninsured Motorist

Even though Kentucky drivers are required by state law to carry minimum liability insurance, not all drivers obey this law.  Being hit by an uninsured motorist is a challenging situation to find yourself in. The good news is that car accident attorneys have plenty of experience helping people in your exact situation figure out how […]

Can a Mechanic Be Held Liable For a Car Accident Caused By Mechanical Failure?

Mechanical failures can cause devastating traffic accidents, leading to serious or even fatal injuries. Although mechanical failures are often caused by drivers who fail to maintain their vehicles, a mechanic can be partially or fully liable for an accident if they breached their duty of care to a client when servicing their vehicle. If your […]