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Herniated Disc from a Car Accident

herniated disc
disc herniation may need medical attention

If you’ve experienced a herniated disc due to a car accident, you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim against the responsible party. Seeking guidance from a legal team that can assess your settlement value, encompassing current and future medical expenses, as well as adjustments stemming from a permanent injury, is crucial.

As experts in personal injury law, McCoy and Sparks Law Firm are here to shed light on herniated discs caused by car accidents and guide you through the legal aspects of seeking compensation for your injuries.

What is a Herniated Disc?

A herniated disc can lead to chronic back pain, impacting your daily life. A herniated disc occurs when the disc’s outer covering has a hole or tear, causing the nucleus pulposus to leak into the spinal canal. 

Herniated discs may cause these serious spinal cord injuries:

  • Bulging disc
  • Radiculopathy (pinched or damaged nerves)
  • Neck pain
  • Damage to the cervical or lumbar spine
  • Aggravation of a pre-existing condition

While disc herniation may heal naturally, most people require medical intervention, including medication, physical therapy, spinal injections, and surgery.

McCoy and Sparks Law Firm recognizes the severe impact that herniated discs resulting from car accidents can have on individuals and their quality of life. If you or a loved one has suffered a herniated disc due to a car accident, seeking legal advice promptly can make a significant difference in securing the compensation you deserve. 

Can a Car Accident Cause a Herniated Disc?

A herniated disc occurs when the outer layer of a spinal disc tears, causing the inner, jelly-like substance to protrude. The force and impact of a car accident, especially rear-end collisions or side-impact crashes, can contribute to the development of herniated discs.

Understanding the signs of a herniated disc is crucial for accident victims. Symptoms may include chronic back pain, radiating arm or leg pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness. Promptly seeking medical attention is essential to diagnose and treat a herniated disc effectively.

Filling an Insurance Claim for Compensation

3.9 million emergency injuries from car accidents a year

It’s unfair for you to bear the financial burden caused by someone else’s actions. Pursuing a claim for damages is a reasonable course of action, and the personal injury lawyers at McCoy and Sparks are well-versed in car accident settlements and herniated disc cases. Each case is unique and based on your accident and injury circumstances, but the insurance claim process is relatively standard. 

The insurance claim process steps are:

  • Investigation: Upon filing a claim with the insurance provider, an inquiry into the accident’s cause and liability ensues. Our firm conducts its investigations by gathering evidence such as scene photos, police reports, and witness statements. Expert witnesses, including accident reconstruction specialists, may be consulted.
  • Negotiation: After completing medical treatment or reaching Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI), negotiations aim to secure full compensation for injuries and losses.
  • Settlement: If your lawyer and the insurance company have reached a fair compensation agreement, they’ve settled your claim.
  • Lawsuit: If you can’t settle, your lawyer may recommend filing a lawsuit against the insurance carrier.

In a car accident resulting in a herniated disc, the responsible party’s insurance should cover your present and future expenses. You may also be due compensation for partial or complete disability due to crash-related injuries. Accepting a settlement offer means forfeiting the right to additional claims, making it crucial to consult an experienced lawyer before agreeing.

Seeking a herniated disc from a car accident settlement can be complex. Don’t go it alone. McCoy and Sparks attorneys are committed to fighting for the maximum compensation to cover your medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages resulting from the herniated disc.

What to Expect if You File a Herniated Disc Lawsuit

You retain the right to file a lawsuit if a settlement agreement proves elusive. Filing a lawsuit is different from submitting an insurance claim. Timely filing of your herniated disc lawsuit is required because there is a statute-of-limitations window for personal injury cases.

To substantiate your case, your attorney will gather evidence and consult experts to establish liability and document damages. Depending on the accident facts, multiple parties may share fault or responsibility, and our goal is to obtain the best possible settlement for you.

A verdict is declared by the jury or judge, with the option for a settlement remaining until they announce their decision. 

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