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Medical Malpractice and Orthopedic Injuries

orthopedic injuries

What you will learn from this article:

  • Examples of orthopedic injuries, including fractures, sprains, strains, tendonitis, arthritis, and spinal disc issues, exploring their causes and symptoms.
  • The mistakes orthopedic surgeons may make, such as misdiagnosing fractures, placing casts incorrectly, unnecessary surgeries, using excessive force, and leaving debris post-surgery.
  • How justice in these cases not only supports the affected individuals but also encourages medical professionals to uphold standards and prevent medical neglect by doctors.
orthopedic injuries statistic

Orthopedic surgeons specialize in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal conditions. They mend damaged joints, fractures, tendons, and ligaments so patients can move freely again. However, even skilled orthopedic specialists commit errors that cause patients lasting harm. This article explores common orthopedic injuries, surgeon mistakes that worsen outcomes, and how malpractice lawyers help victims seek accountability and justice. 

What Are Orthopedic Injuries?

Orthopedic injuries involve damage to the musculoskeletal system – muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons. They often arise from accidents like falls or sports collisions but also stem from overuse and chronic joint/spine conditions.

Orthopedic injury examples include:

  • Fractures: Broken bones from high-force impacts 
  • Sprains: Stretched or torn ligaments 
  • Strains: Muscles or tendons wrenched beyond capacity
  • Tendonitis: Inflamed tendons from overuse 
  • Arthritis: Wear-and-tear joint damage
  • Spinal disc bulges/herniations: Leakage of cushioning gel caused by trauma or aging

These injuries cause localized aches, swelling, and stiffness. More severe cases prompt the need for surgery like realigning broken bones or repairing torn ligaments.        

What Errors Do Orthopedic Surgeons Commit? 

Orthopedic specialists aim to accurately diagnose patients’ musculoskeletal problems and provide appropriate nonsurgical therapies or surgical interventions. However, they sometimes fail in these duties and worsen patient outcomes.

Common errors include:  

1.7 billion people have musculoskeletal conditions
  • A missed diagnosis or failure to diagnose fractures, tears, etc. due to inadequate testing
  • Placing casts wrong, causing nerve damage or circulation loss
  • Operating unnecessarily or on the wrong site/limb
  • Using too much force, harming blood vessels or nerves  
  • Leaving debris inside surgical sites, causing infection
  • Using defective surgical hardware that later breaks down

These mistakes often inflict serious, permanent damage. Surgery may still not fix the original injury and added complications like complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) can develop, diminishing mobility and quality of life.

Pursuing Accountability Through Medical Malpractice Claims

severe cases need surgery

To avoid judgment for errors, some doctors and hospital administrators claim that “bad outcomes occasionally happen” or that “patients didn’t follow post-op directions.” However, patients deserve the truth. By examining medical records and expert opinions, malpractice lawyers uncover whether substandard medical care caused or worsened orthopedic injuries. Negligent doctors must then compensate victims for extensive healthcare costs, lost income, and suffering.  

Although monetary damages cannot erase victims’ physical limitations or emotional trauma, financial stability facilitates accessing caretakers, wheelchairs, modified vehicles, and other support for maximizing independence post-injury. Justice also incentivizes doctors to uphold reasonable skill/care standards, preventing harm to future patients.

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