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Two injured in crash on Highway 166 in Fulton County, Kentucky

Motor vehicle accidents can be scary. Many people die as a result of motor vehicle accidents every year, with many more injured, sometimes severely, and the vehicles involved in the crash are damaged. Unfortunately, such accidents are very usual in the country and a great number of these road mishaps are caused by negligence of the driver. Not paying attention on the road while behind the wheel, speeding above the permitted limit, driving recklessly and running red lights can cause serious crashes and put life at risk. Recently, a serious car crash in Fulton County, Kentucky sent two people to the hospital.

The crash was reported at the intersection of Highway 166 and Highway 239. As per investigation by officials, a white SUV did not stop at the intersection and, therefore, hit the rear end of another vehicle waiting at the traffic signal post. The causing vehicle was traveling west on Highway 166. Sometimes, even if it appears like no other vehicles are coming; one can cause a dangerous accident by running a red light and can be held responsible for breaking the law. Reportedly, both vehicle occupants suffered injuries in the crash and were transferred to a nearby hospital. They were released later after receiving treatment for non-life threatening injuries.

A person affected by a motor vehicle accident may file a claim for damages against the liable parties.

They may make a claim for damage to their vehicle or property, medical expenses and loss of wages due to missed work. If the accident caused the death of a loved one, the family may claim compensation for loss of companionship, loss of economic support, pain and suffering and medical expenses.

However, like any other case, it is required for the aggrieved party to prove in a traffic accident whether a driver was negligent. Also, the aggrieved party is required to establish that negligence was the reason for the accident. In such situations, it is always advisable to take the assistance of a legal professional. The professional may help the person collect the evidence to prove the driver’s fault. The professional may also help the family negotiate correct compensation.