What Qualifies as a Permanent Injury in Kentucky?

There are many unknowns in the event of a personal injury case. Car accidents, slip and falls, and other traumatic events causing personal injury may have lingering side effects. In a worst-case scenario, victims may even suffer from their accidental injuries for a lifetime. In Kentucky, accident victims may have the right to extended compensation […]

Who Is Liable if Winter Weather Causes an Accident on a Kentucky Highway?

Winter weather may bring beautiful snow, but it also increases the chance of traffic accidents. When snow and other inclement weather create slippery road conditions, drivers must increase caution and practice safe defensive driving to prevent accidents. However, collisions still increase when the weather gets colder. A rise in winter accidents also creates more police […]

Someone Pulled Out In Front of Me. Am I Liable?

Experiencing a car accident can be a disorienting and confusing experience. The confusion is even greater when you’re unsure who’s at fault. One type of vehicular accident that often raises questions of liability is when someone pulls out in front of an oncoming car, resulting in a wreck. A common narrative is that the driver […]

How To Win A Left Turn Accident Case in Kentucky

Most people don’t like making left turns, especially when there is a lot of oncoming traffic and impatient drivers are lined up behind honking their horns. Sometimes a break in the oncoming traffic is not quite as long as it looks. Sometimes the speed of oncoming cars is underestimated. In intersections, there is always the […]

Is It Legal to Operate a Motor Vehicle with Headphones in Kentucky?

These days, it’s not uncommon for drivers to wear headphones or wireless earbuds to have hands-free access to their phones for music, podcasts, directions, and phone calls. Some people even turn to noise-canceling headphones if they have sensory issues or feel they can’t focus without blocking out background noises. Unfortunately, driving while wearing these devices […]

How To Amend An Incorrect Kentucky Car Accident Police Report

Police reports can play an essential role in personal injury cases, so it’s important to ensure that one gets filed. In the state of Kentucky, drivers are required to call the police even if only a minor accident occurs. Once you contact them, they are supposed to come to the scene and gather evidence to […]

When Are Parents Responsible For Negligent Teen Driving

Typically, most states have negligence laws that hold the negligent driver responsible for causing an accident. However, some don’t know that if a teenager gets into an accident, their parents may be the ones held liable. Most parents do their best to teach their teens good driving behaviors, hoping that they won’t get hurt or […]

Top 5 Causes of Kentucky Big Rig Accidents

Semi-trucks play a critical role in transporting goods across the nation. They transport billions of tons of freight every year that promotes economic growth. Because truckers transport so much freight, there are numerous semi-trucks on the roads at all times, especially on I-65 in central Kentucky. Although these trucks play an invaluable role in transporting […]

Multi-Car Crashes: How Do You Know Who’s Responsible? And How Do You Stay Safe When You’re in One?

Summary Statement: This article explains how to keep yourself safe following a multi-car accident, how insurance companies and law enforcement determine fault, and how a personal injury can help you. If you have been involved in any type of car crash, you know that it can be harrowing and even catastrophic when a 3,000-pound vehicle […]