How Do I Pay My Medical Bills After an Accident That Was Someone Else’s Fault?

Summary: According to Kentucky law, there are several avenues to get your medical bills paid when someone else is at fault while you wait to file a recovery claim. Personal injury protection, health insurance, medical care coverage and workers’ compensation are all available options to help pay your bills, even with pre-existing conditions, when you […]

Advice: Using Social Media After an Accident

Posting on social media has become a habit for many people; we like to share updates within our social networks about our thoughts, our triumphs, and our tragedies. However, posting on social media after an accident –whether a car accident or a slip and fall case–can be damaging to your personal injury case. Our advice? […]

The 2020 Summer of the RV: What You Need to Know About RV Accidents

Summary: With an expected resurgence in RV travel this summer, it’s crucial to stay informed about the causes of RV and motorhome accidents. RVs are incredibly heavy and can sometimes pair tired or inexperienced with high speeds. It’s a dangerous combination. Before an accident occurs, you need to make sure you have proper insurance coverage. […]

How Do Car Accidents Compare to Motorcycle Accidents?

Summary: Compared to car accidents, the percentage of fatalities in motorcycle-related collisions is 28 times higher. Motorcycles provide less protection and cause more serious injuries. While helmets can prevent hundreds of deaths in motorcyclists each year, far too many motorcyclists are injured or killed on the road. Empower yourself with the causes of motorcycle-related crashes […]