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You May Need a Truck Accident Lawyer for Wrecks Caused by Unsecured Truck Loads. See Why!

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Seeking legal advice following an accident caused by an unsecured truck load is a wise decision. After all, it is the responsibility of a truck driver to effectively secure their load to protect other drivers on the road. 

If someone failed to do their job and you’re suffering because of it, a truck accident lawyer can help you determine the next steps to help you get the compensation you deserve.

How Common Are Unsecured Truck Load Accidents?

A few years ago, the Foundation for Traffic Safety took a deep dive into the reality of motor vehicle accidents involving debris in the road. They looked at the data from accidents that occurred from 2011 to 2014 and learned: 

  • Road debris played a role in over 200,000 crashes
  • Road debris led to about 39,000 injuries
  • Around 500 deaths could be linked to road debris

They also found that about two-thirds of these accidents were the result of poorly secured loads falling out of a truck. 

Examples of debris that can come loose from an unsecured truck are:

  • Parts of the vehicle itself coming off and falling into the road
  • Unsecured cargo, including furniture, mattresses, equipment, and appliances
  • Towable trailers separating from their hauling vehicles while on the road

Causes of Unsecured Loads

All drivers have a responsibility to behave safely on the road. This includes everyone from commercial drivers hauling freight or cargo to new homeowners moving belongings from one home to the next. 

It doesn’t matter why a person is moving something from Point A to Point B. What matters is that they do it safely. 

A load is unsecured when drivers make any of the following errors:

  • Improperly tying down cargo
  • Not correctly balancing the weight of the cargo
  • Failing to properly cover materials that can become loose
  • Failing to inspect tie-downs and straps
  • Waiting too long to replace worn equipment

3 Risks Associated with Unsecured Truck Loads

There are three main risk categories when it comes to an unsecured load: road debris, flying objects, and motor vehicle collisions. 

Road Debris

When you encounter debris in the road, you may only have a fraction of a second to respond. Whether you have to quickly straddle the debris, swerve to avoid it, or have no option but to run into it, you are suddenly in danger of a serious accident. 

Swerving to avoid road debris may cause you to strike another vehicle or lose control of your car. You may end up in an accident suffering from lacerations, bruises, head injuries, broken bones, spinal injuries, whiplash, and many other injuries. 

Flying Objects

In addition to the same risks from swerving or losing control that road debris can cause, flying objects can strike you as the driver or one of your passengers. These objects are traveling as fast as you are, and they can easily smash through your windshield and cause a penetrative injury. 

Motor Vehicle Collisions

Motor vehicles can collide when one or more drivers attempt to avoid debris from an unsecured truck load. Multi-vehicle pile-ups are not uncommon in these situations, because the sudden appearance of debris in the roadway causes a chain reaction of swerving, stopping, and colliding. 

When Debris Falls Out of a Truck, Who is Responsible?

A truck accident lawyer for wrecks caused by unsecured truck loads can help you determine if someone needs to be held accountable following one of these accidents. 

If the driver failed to secure their truck’s load, they could be held responsible for injuries, damaged property, and even deaths. If a prosecutor chooses to file a criminal lawsuit, the driver will face criminal repercussions if they are found guilty. 

A civil lawsuit is another option for holding a negligent driver responsible for their actions. If you have been injured in an accident because of falling debris from a truck, you have the option to work with a truck accident lawyer to obtain just compensation. 

These questions will help your legal team determine who is at fault for the accident: 

  1. Did the defendant have a legal obligation to secure the cargo on their vehicle?
  2. Did the defendant fail to fulfill that obligation through negligence or even malicious intent?
  3. Did that failure cause items to fall off the vehicle and create a driving hazard? 
  4. Did that hazard lead to an accident that caused property damage, injury, or even death? 

McCoy & Sparks–Truck Accident Lawyers for Wrecks Caused by Unsecured Truck Loads

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