How Can a Kentucky Truck Accident Injury Lawyer Help Me?

Truck accidents involving large semi-trucks and other vehicles are often some of the worst accidents a person can experience. Working with an experienced Kentucky truck accident injury lawyer can make a huge difference in your case and the settlement you are awarded. Commercial trucks weigh thousands of pounds and are much larger than other vehicles, […]

Kentucky Blind Spot Truck Accidents. Who’s at Fault?

Blind spot accidents can happen with any type of vehicle, even motorcycles. However, they tend to happen more often with semi-trucks and tractor-trailers due to their size. The larger a vehicle, the bigger its blind spots are.  Unfortunately, when a smaller vehicle gets into a blind spot accident with a large commercial truck, the injuries […]

You May Need a Truck Accident Lawyer for Wrecks Caused by Unsecured Truck Loads. See Why!

Seeking legal advice following an accident caused by an unsecured truck load is a wise decision. After all, it is the responsibility of a truck driver to effectively secure their load to protect other drivers on the road.  If someone failed to do their job and you’re suffering because of it, a truck accident lawyer […]

Is a Tire Blowout an At-Fault Accident?

Anyone who has driven on an interstate or highway has likely seen the aftermath of a tire blowout. Accompanied by tire skid marks and pieces of rubber laying on the side of the road, accidents caused by tire blowouts can be serious and even deadly. If you’ve ever driven in wet or icy road conditions […]

Can I Sue a Driver Who Caused an Accident While Eating and Driving?

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. While texting and driving tends to be the focus of this month or any other discussions about distracted driving, there are many other ways that a driver can become distracted while operating a vehicle. An accident while eating and drinking and driving is also common. Here are a […]

Accidents Caused by Semi-Trucks Running You Off the Road

Getting run off the road by any vehicle can be a frustrating experience that results in injury. However, being run off the road by a semi-truck can be even more frightening and devastating as these large commercial vehicles can weigh up to 80,000 lbs. Accidents caused by semi-trucks can be devasting. The damages and injuries […]