Kentucky Pedestrian Injuries and Fatalities

There’s no way to escape the fact that in a collision between a vehicle and a pedestrian, the pedestrian is going to get the worst of it. Statistics are depressing; in fact, the pedestrian fatality rate rose 21% between 2019 and 2020, the largest annual increase ever. To put this in simpler terms: many news […]

8 Tips For a Fun and Safe Halloween

As most pandemic-related restrictions have lifted, children and parents alike are preparing for the upcoming Halloween season. Though excitement about trick-or-treating this year is high, it’s important to be mindful and take precautions to stay safe and ensure everyone has a good time. Aside from COVID precautions, there are a number of other things that […]

Pedestrian Accident: Know What To Do

Summary: As a pedestrian, you never know when a vehicle could hit you and cause physical, emotional, and financial damage. There are certain important things you should do after your pedestrian accident. Imagine taking your daily walk when a vehicle strikes you out of nowhere and leaves you with severe injuries. You go to the […]

What Is Classified as a Catastrophic Injury in Kentucky?

When it comes to personal injuries, the severity of the injury can range from minor to catastrophic depending on the accident and circumstances. While minor injuries can be inconvenient, the sufferer is often able to heal and return to their normal life after a reasonable amount of time. Catastrophic injuries, however, are so severe that […]

Top 10 Personal Injury FAQs

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident caused by the negligence of another person, you may be overwhelmed with questions about where to turn and what to do next. Who is responsible for your medical expenses? What about lost wages due to your injury? Is there any hope of being […]

Preventing Auto Accidents in Construction Work Zones

No one wants to take longer than necessary to get where they are going. Unfortunately, that means that road construction workers (and drivers) are at risk as they navigate their way through work zones. Between 2016 – 2017, fatal crashes in work zones increased by 3% nationally, and according to the Kentucky State Police, there […]

What Is the Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Cases in Kentucky?

While the statute of limitations for most personal injury claims in Kentucky is one year from the date of the injury, there are many exceptions to this rule. Understanding just how the statute of limitations works is essential to seeking compensation for your Kentucky personal injury. Breaking Down the Statute of Limitations A personal injury […]