What Questions Should I Ask a Kentucky Personal Injury Lawyer?

After you’ve been in a car accident in Kentucky, there are many things you will need to do to ensure your personal injury claim goes as smoothly as possible. You will need to make sure a police report is filed for the accident, you will need to file the claim with your insurance company, and […]

Holiday Parties and Dog Bites

Dog attacks and bite injuries can happen any time of the year. When a dog feels threatened or if they are poorly trained or aggressive, they can lash out and attack others, even those they are familiar with. Unfortunately, the holidays can be extra stressful for some dogs that don’t do well with social gatherings […]

The Differences Between a Work Injury and a Personal Injury

Summary: Workplace injuries are incredibly common, but determining whether you should file a personal injury suit or a workers’ compensation claim usually comes down to determining fault and negligence, which establishes a basis for a personal injury claim. Workers are injured on the job every seven seconds, which amounts to about 4,600,000 people injured in […]

Who Is at Fault in a Work Zone Crash?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our state’s roads and highways magically fixed themselves? We would never need construction work zones again. Just think — no more potholes, no more necessity for road widenings or added lanes, no more tree branches overhanging the road, no more faded lane markers that need repainting, and no more snow. […]