Pedestrian Accidents

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Pedestrian accidents are not just a problem in large cities. The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that about 25 percent of pedestrian deaths occur on rural roads and highways. The reasons pedestrians get struck by cars and trucks may be different here in rural Kentucky, but the effects can be just as devastating.

Located in Bardstown, the law firm of McCoy & Sparks, PLLC, provides effective personal injury representation to victims of pedestrian accidents. Our attorneys have secured millions of dollars in compensation for our clients. Contact us to schedule a free consultation regarding your rights if you have been hit by a motor vehicle.

How Pedestrian Accidents Happen In Nelson County

While rural and small-town roads are rarely as busy as urban streets, they can still be unsafe for pedestrians. Lack of lighting and crosswalks can make for dangerous conditions. Likewise, drunk drivers, distracted drivers and speeders present risks. You can take every reasonable precaution while walking along or across the road and still be caught in the path of a reckless motorist.

As a result, you may have sustained serious injuries, such as:

  • Brain injury
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Crush injuries

Besides your pain and suffering, you could be unable to go back to work for months or years. Meanwhile, you may be accruing thousands of dollars in hospital and physical therapy bills.

Our lawyers are fierce advocates for our clients. We get results. We will accurately determine the amount of damages you have sustained and that will likely accumulate in the future. We will hold the insurance company to its responsibility to provide you a fair settlement. If the company won’t settle, we will take their driver to court.

Hit By A Car? Know Your Legal Rights.

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