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    Did you know motorcycle road fatal accidents have doubled since the mid-1990s? As riding motorcycles has become more popular than ever, it’s also added to the number of severe crashes on Kentucky’s roads.

    According to data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 14% of all motor vehicle crashes involve motorcycles. 

    As expected, a motorcycle rider is more likely than drivers of passenger cars to be involved in both fatal injuries and severe head injuries in crashes due to the exposure of their bodies to physical impacts.

    Helmet laws that require bikers to wear motorcycle helmets are crucial for safety on the road, but they only provide partial protection from serious injury. Helmet laws only protect the brain and skull from impact, but the rest of a rider’s body is vulnerable. 

    If you’re injured on your motorcycle, you need a Kentucky motorcycle accident lawyer who understands and has sympathy for your situation. 

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    Motorcycle Riders Are Vulnerable to Severe Crashes

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    Motorcyclists are some of the most vulnerable riders on the road. Their bodies are almost entirely exposed to the impacts of a crash. A multi-vehicle accident without a motorcycle helmet or other protective gear can cause catastrophic injuries

    Research shows 63% of all motorcycle crashes involve multiple other vehicles and there’s a 39% chance the at-fault party was drunk driving.

    Data shows in a crash between a car and a motorcycle, the at-fault driver is more likely to be drunk than the motorcyclist.

    However, motorcycle crashes are more likely to involve high speeds and illegal maneuvers than other types of crashes. 

    One thing you might not realize is that the average age of a motorcyclist has risen significantly over the previous few decades, leading to a rise in motorcycle deaths among older adults. 

    In the 1970s, more than 80% of fatal motorcycle crashes had drivers under age 30. Today, just 28% are under age 30.

    Common Motorcycle Accidents We See in Kentucky

    Head-on collisions

    Head-on collisions account for 10% of all road fatalities and 13% of rural road fatalities. When a head-on collision with a motorcyclist occurs, there is an unfortunate likelihood that the motorcyclist suffered serious injuries or even lost their life due to the nature of the crash.

    Rear-end motorcycle collisions

    rear end

    Motorcycles are often rear-ended because at-fault passenger car drivers don’t see them until it’s too late. Although a passenger car or big truck can sometimes take a rear-end bump without much harm to the driver, these collisions can be devastating for motorcyclists.

    T-bone motorcycle accidents

    t bone collision

    A T-bone collision or side-impact collision is much more dangerous for a motorcyclist than other types of drivers.

    In these accidents, the injured motorcyclist’s body is suddenly thrown in another direction, and they are almost sure to be flung from their bike.

    Sideswipe motorcycle accidents

    Other vehicles sometimes sideswipe motorcyclists because they don’t see them. It frequently occurs on the highway at high speeds or in rural Kentucky areas when other drivers try to overtake a single motorcyclist or group of bikers on narrow roads.

    Common Injuries Motorcycle Riders Suffer When an Accident Occurs


    Motorcycle wrecks can leave riders with serious injuries, and their lives may never be the same as it was before the accident occurred.

    Some of the most common motorcycle accident injuries include:

    If your loved one was killed in a motorcycle crash or suffered a devastating traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury due to an accident when riding his or her bike, call us for a free consultation.  

    A McCoy & Sparks Kentucky motorcycle accident lawyer is standing by to discuss your accident and help you understand what to do next.

    We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t pay anything upfront. 

    Top Causes of Kentucky Motorcycle Accidents

    The causes of road accidents are widely studied, and overall, most traffic accidents are due to the following causes (in no particular order):

    • Human error by the motorcyclist or others on the road
    • Failure of other motorists to see the motorcyclist
    • Inexperience handling a motorcycle
    • Drunk/drugged driving
    • Driving while drowsy
    • Distracted driving/multitasking
    • Debris in the road
    • Speeding
    • Weather issues like icy, foggy, and wet weather
    • Recklessness on the road
    • Road rage and road racing
    • Drivers’ health, mobility, and vision problems
    • Improperly maintained equipment

    Generally speaking, human error and inattentiveness are the #1 cause of all road accidents. 

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    The National Safety Council states that 28% of all motorcycle accidents involve distracted driving, up from 25% just a few years ago. 

    Cell phones and other electronic gadgets are increasingly causing people to take their eyes off the road, and sadly, this means more Kentucky motorcycle riders get hurt.

    Do You Have A Motorcycle Accident Claim? 

    Not every motorcycle wreck automatically meets the definition of negligence and leads to a personal injury claim.

    The requirements for motorcycle injury claims are complicated, and it’s always best to consult with a Kentucky motorcycle accident attorney to discuss the specifics of your case. 

    Generally speaking, these three elements must be present to recover compensation for motorcycle accident personal injury claims:

    1. Another party was responsible for your crash. All drivers must operate their vehicles safely, and when they fail, they should be held liable for resulting injuries.
    2. You sustained injuries requiring medical treatment. Motorcycle accidents often result in injuries, and discussing your right to compensation for current and future damages with an attorney is essential.
    3. Your injuries have impacted your ability to work or have affected other aspects of your life. Lost wages and future earning potential are common damages sought in motorcycle accident claims and compensation for pain and suffering.

    Contact McCoy & Sparks’ experienced Kentucky motorcycle accident lawyers for a free consultation to discuss the details of your case. 

    Our team is here to provide the answers and support you need during the challenging time following a motorcycle crash.

    Do I Have to Hire a Kentucky Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to File a Claim?  

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    While it’s not mandatory to enlist an experienced motorcycle crash lawyer for your motorcycle accident claim, it’s highly advisable. 

    Our extensive experience handling cases involving uncooperative insurance companies underscores the importance of legal representation for all motorcycle accident victims.

    The at-fault drivers’ insurance company needs to prioritize your needs. It is a business whose goal is to spend as little as possible on compensation and defending its clients.  

    You need someone who knows how to navigate Kentucky’s complex court system and stand up to resistant insurance companies so you can receive fair compensation for your suffering. 

    McCoy & Sparks motorcycle accident case attorneys possess in-depth knowledge of these intricate matters. They are highly skilled at advocating for the maximum compensation that all motorcycle riders and accident victims are entitled to.

    How a Kentucky Motorcycle Accident Attorney Will Help You After a Motorcycle Accident

    After a motorcycle crash with the most common injuries, a Kentucky motorcycle attorney can help you accomplish numerous tasks that arise as you try to rest and recover.

    Ask your attorney about having their help with:

    • Handling communications with the other driver
    • Working with the insurance carriers
    • Talking to the police and other authorities
    • Reconstructing your motorcycle accident
    • Identifying witnesses who may have seen your accident
    • Gathering your medical bills to see how much you owe
    • Locating experts who can add valuable information
    • Organizing your legal paperwork
    • Preparing for meetings and important dates
    • Arranging a valuable settlement or, if necessary, taking it to court

    In most motorcycle accident cases, we can help you avoid going to court while seeking a high-dollar insurance claim for:

    • Medical costs from your crash (your health insurance won’t typically cover these)
    • Future medical bills related to your injuries
    • Current and future lost wages from missing work due to the crash
    • Services you may need, like therapy or in-home help
    • Pain and suffering

    We may also be able to help you get money to repair your motorcycle and cover the cost of your equipment and accessories. 

    The exact amount of compensation depends on the costs you have incurred, what negligence you can prove, the willingness of the insurance company to negotiate, and your attorney’s skill in negotiating motorcycle accident lawsuits. 

    What Should I Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Kentucky?

    1. Report and Document the Motorcycle Accident

    Kentucky law requires that you report any accident to the police within 10 days if there is property damage over $500 or if anyone was injured or killed. This includes motorcycle accidents. Request a copy of the police accident report and try to get photos of where the accident happened and the scene as quickly as possible.

    2. Seek Medical Care for Mild and Severe Injuries

    After your motorcycle wreck:

    1. Don’t just brush it off and avoid medical care.
    2. Accept treatment at the accident scene and go to the hospital if EMS recommends it.
    3. Don’t miss follow-up appointments, obey your doctor’s orders, and keep medical records related to the accident.

    This is a key part of eventually winning compensation for the injured motorcyclist.

    3. Consider Your Legal Options

    Remember, no matter who is at fault in Kentucky, every motorcycle accident victim can talk to an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to discuss filing an insurance claim, using personal injury protection (PIP) insurance, or filing a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver. If you act quickly, you may be able to get your motorcycle accident costs covered.

    4. Refrain from Sharing Details

    Don’t ruin your case by talking about it too much. The other driver’s insurance company can demand access to your text messages, social media, and email in their attempts to blame the motorcycle rider for the wreck. Refer all questions to your attorney. Also, avoid sharing details on the internet, including on social media. Any statements you make could harm your case later.


    What Will I Get if I Win My Motorcycle Accident Case?

    As a motorcyclist, you gain the satisfaction of holding someone responsible for hurting you and perhaps preventing them from hurting another motorcyclist. 

    Winning fair compensation for your serious injuries can also help spread awareness of other fatal injuries and drivers’ responsibility to prevent future motorcycle accidents in Kentucky.

    But that satisfaction won’t cover the extensive medical expenses, lost income, and the pain and suffering the accident caused. 

    Kentucky law provides an avenue to recover compensation for your financial and non-financial losses related to the motorcycle accident. 

    The most common types of compensation awarded in motorcycle accident cases like yours include:  

    • Medical expenses: Covering current and future medical costs.
    • Lost wages: Including current and future income loss and loss of earning capacity. 
    • Property damages: Accounting for the destruction of motorcycles in the crash. 
    • Pain and suffering: Recognizing the physical and emotional distress endured by motorcycle accident victims. 
    • Disability: Acknowledging disabilities resulting from the accident, such as paralysis, by providing compensation for necessary accommodations like home modifications and nursing care. 
    • Wrongful death: Providing compensation to loved ones in cases where the victim does not survive the crash, attributed to the fault of another driver.
    • Loss of consortium: Compensating for the emotional and intangible support lost within relationships due to the accident. 
    • Rehabilitation expenses: Covering the costs of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other rehabilitation services needed for recovery. 
    • Psychological counseling: Providing compensation for therapy or counseling sessions to address emotional trauma and mental health challenges resulting from the accident. 
    • Home assistance: Reimbursing expenses for hiring help with household tasks or personal care when the victim’s injuries limit their ability to perform these activities. 
    • Travel expenses: Including reimbursement for transportation costs related to medical appointments, therapy sessions, or other necessary travel resulting from the accident. 
    • Loss of enjoyment of life: Compensating for the loss of ability to participate in activities and hobbies enjoyed before the accident due to injuries or disabilities. 
    • Punitive damages: In cases of extreme negligence or intentional wrongdoing, punitive damages may be awarded to punish the at-fault party and deter similar behavior in the future.

    Every motorcycle accident is unique, so it’s essential to speak with an experienced Kentucky motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible to protect your right to file a motorcycle accident claim. 

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