What are Distractions While Driving?

Despite states passing laws to crack down on distracted driving, such as texting while driving bans, distracted driving remains one of the most common causes of car accidents.  In 2021, over 3,500 people were killed in accidents caused by distracted driving. Additionally, the Kentucky Department of Transportation released a report for 2020 that showed over […]

What Is the Move Over Law and Why Is It Important?

Most states have some sort of “move over” law that dictates how drivers should operate their vehicles when approaching an emergency vehicle. However, many drivers don’t know the complete details of these laws or that they often include more than just police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances. Polls show that more than 70% of Americans […]

How to Prove Distracted Driving in a Kentucky Auto Accident

What you’ll learn from this article: What is distracted driving? It might seem innocent enough to take your eyes off the road for a moment while you check your phone or talk to someone in the car. But at 55 mph, just a few seconds of inattention is like driving the length of a football […]

How Technology Can Save Our Youngest Drivers

Tragically, vehicular collisions make up a significant percentage of teen injuries and deaths in the United States. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost 2,400 teenage drivers were killed and 258,000 suffered serious injuries in 2019 alone. This is why car accident prevention is key. Many contributing factors can cause a teen […]

Does Overcorrecting Driving Cause Car Accidents in Kentucky?

Overcorrecting driving is an issue in all states, including Kentucky. Almost all drivers have overcorrected at some point in their life as it is a somewhat natural reaction to various situations, such as poor road conditions, animals or children running into the road, and road debris. People also overcorrect driving when another driver negligently enters […]

Can I Sue a Driver Who Caused an Accident While Eating and Driving?

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. While texting and driving tends to be the focus of this month or any other discussions about distracted driving, there are many other ways that a driver can become distracted while operating a vehicle. An accident while eating and drinking and driving is also common. Here are a […]

New Bill Introduced to Help with Distracted Driving in Kentucky

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of traffic accidents. Unfortunately, these types of incidents are prevalent in the state of Kentucky. According to a recent study, Kentucky is listed among the worst states for distracted driving. Distracted driving incidents can happen for various reasons, but these days, one of the primary contributors […]

Who is at Fault if a Crash Occurs When Changing Lanes?

On a daily basis, there are various actions we take as drivers that we don’t put as much thought into as we used to. Newer drivers can be more aware and cautious because everything feels so new to them, but as we grow accustomed to driving, some things become almost like second nature. Unfortunately, when […]

Distracted Driving and Truck Drivers: Statistics and Risks

Truck drivers hold an essential job that is critical to the U.S. economy. The transportation of goods is vital for small businesses and corporations, and without truck drivers, many people would not have access to necessary products and food. Although most truck drivers are hardworking and law-abiding citizens, some companies and/or drivers break the law […]