Legal Consequences of Dog Bites in Kentucky

What you’ll learn reading this article: Dog owners are held strictly liable for their pet’s behavior in Kentucky. Criminal charges do occur in some dog bite cases. An injured victim can start a civil action to recover compensation. When it comes to dogs, Kentucky is a strict liability state. This means there are almost no […]

What to Do If Your Child Is Bitten by a Dog

Kentucky has strict laws for holding dog owners responsible for bites and other injuries. Did you know that Kentucky has some of the strictest dog bite laws in the country? In fact, a nationwide study showed that while only 6 percent of all U.S. fatal dog attacks resulted in meaningful criminal charges for the owners, […]

A Dog Bit Me – How Can a Personal Injury Claim Help?

You may think you have no legal recourse after a dog bites you, but you may have grounds for a personal injury claim that will cover not only your medical bills, it may also cover lost wages and your pain and suffering. It’s a common scenario. You’re taking an evening stroll and encounter someone walking […]