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Life in Franklin County

Home to Kentucky state capital Frankfort, Franklin County originated in 1795 as the 18th county of Kentucky. Rich with history, Franklin County is named after Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, and the county boasts impressive industry, arts, culture, and education systems. It’s truly a wonderful place to live, raise a family, and retire. Nestled in the north central section of the Commonwealth, Franklin County is home to premiere Kentucky bourbon distilleries, beautiful horse farms, and rolling hills—it is truly the heart of the Bluegrass region.

Franklin County is the proud home of booming economic industries such as Buffalo Trace Distillery and Jim Beam Suntory, manufacturers Montaplast of North America, Topy America, and HTNA, as well as the thriving communities of Bridgeport, Forks of Elkhorn (The Forks), Jett, Switzer, Peaks Mill, and Bald Knob.

In the 2010 census, Franklin County had a population of just over 49,000. The population swells through the week, as thousands of state workers descend on Frankfort. In the last ten years, Frankfort and its surrounding areas has been named one of the top small communities in the United States for business expansion, and the county continues to grow in many ways, with the median household income at a 2% per year growth rate.

Franklin County Roads

Many Franklin County residents commute to work, with the average commute time being 18.7 minutes. While this may not seem like much of a commute, it means Franklin County residents spend approximately 3/4th’s of an hour commuting each day, allowing ample time for accidents on Franklin County roads.

Between 1996 and 2017, 57.4% of all accidents in Franklin County happened during the daylight, with 29.3% happening in the dark with no lighting. Surprisingly, 77.9% of all accidents also occurred in clear weather, with 10.6% happening in the rain.

Automobile accidents can be life-altering and, at their worst, fatal. Because of Frankfort being the state capital and the county’s popular distilleries and idyllic landscape, Franklin County has multiple major roadways, from interstate highways to state roads. In particular, interstate 64 (I-64) or the Purple Heart Trail, connects Frankfort to other major Kentucky cities such as Louisville, Lexington, and Ashland.

Major Roadways

In addition to I-64, the following are some of the most major roadways in Franklin County, Kentucky:

  • US 127
  • US 60
  • US 421
  • US 460
  • KY 676

In 2020, US 460 has seen one fatal accident near Woodlake Rd, and in 2019, I-64 saw two fatal collisions within Franklin County.

Because of its interstates, Franklin County roadways can also be home to construction and work sites. It is especially important to follow posted signage for work zones, be on the lookout for workers, and avoid speeding. Highways under construction can also cause sudden and unexpected slowdowns, which can result in horrific accidents if drivers are not paying attention.

Additionally, Franklin County truck routes mean that a potential life-changing accident with a commercial truck could occur. Because of their large size and weight, trucks and tractor-trailers can cause extensive damage to vehicles and their occupants, and often result in fatalities.

Dangerous Intersections

Frankfort and the communities of Franklin County have seen multiple fatal accidents over the years. From 2010-2017, the following Frankfort roads and intersections saw one or more fatal accidents, making them some of the most dangerous in the county, statistically:

  • I-64
  • US 60
  • US 60 and Country Lane
  • US 60 and Lyons Dr
  • US 60 and SR 676
  • SR 676
  • SR 676 and US 127
  • US 127
  • US 160
  • SR 420
  • Excel Ct
  • Schenkel Ln
  • Kings Daughters Dr

It is important to note that because of farms and recreational areas, the possibility of ATV accidents, snowmobiles, and tractor and farming equipment is also something Franklin County residents should be aware of and prepared for. For instance, one of the 2020 fatalities involved a utility vehicle as opposed to a car.

Franklin County Medical Care

Franklin County is home to the Frankfort Regional Medical Center which provides locals and visitors alike excellent care. Patients of this medical facility include victims of car and truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, and other personal injuries such as slip and fall accidents, dog bites, and premises and product liability cases due to its emergency room and trauma center.

Unfortunately, sometimes even trusted healthcare providers can make mistakes or act in error. In these cases of medical malpractice, it is important to have an attorney in Franklin County to help you fight for compensation.

Medical malpractice can take many forms, including but not limited to:

  • Failing to provide accurate diagnosis
  • Misdiagnosing
  • Performing a medically unnecessary surgical procedure
  • Performing incorrect surgical procedure
  • Making surgical errors
  • Prescribing or administering incorrect medicines or dosages
  • Failing to take proper patient history
  • Failing to maintain, clean, and inspect tools and equipment
  • Failing to give patient the opportunity for informed consent
  • Improperly discharging
  • Failing to follow-up

If you or a loved one has experienced medical malpractice that resulted in injury or death, call McCoy & Sparks Law Office at (844) 4KY-WINS today because time is of the essence.

Franklin County Resources

In the event of an emergency, call 911.


Frankfort Regional Medical Center — (502) 875-5240
Franklin County Health Department — (502) 564-7382


Franklin County Sheriff — (502) 875-8740
Frankfort Police Department — (502) 875-8523
Frankfort Animal Control — (502) 875-8582


Franklin County Fire Department — (502) 695-1617
Frankfort Fire & EMS — (502) 875-8511

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