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Marion County Personal Injury Attorney

Marion County Personal Injury Lawyers

“Working with Michelle and Stacy was the easiest experience for my daughter and myself. Michelle Sparks helped me 15 years ago and still with my daughter’s injury, saved us again 15 years later. Best experience ever, then and now. Stacy is amazing … they really are on our side … and happy they are in our town. Thanks again.”

-Alana Perkins Fox

Living in Marion County

Marion County is a mostly rural Kentucky county named after the Revolutionary War hero Francis Marion. It’s home to rolling farmland and is located in the heart of Bourbon country. Marion County has a population of about 19,200, with almost 70% of the working population self-employed in roles like farming, ranching, agriculture, masonry, machining, production, carpentry, painting, and real estate. It is home to Bourbon distilleries and stave/barrel companies. About 10% are government workers.

The Marion County seat of Lebanon, Kentucky has a small-town atmosphere with numerous brick antebellum homes and a business district listed in the National Historic Register. Lebanon was a stop on the original U.S. National Road, the nation’s first major highway, which made it a busy thoroughfare as early as 1811.

Marion County housing costs are below the national average, making housing quite affordable here and communities tend to be fairly safe with low crime rates. The average home costs about $103,000 in Marion County, compared to the national average of $184,700. About 73% of the county’s residents are homeowners and 27% are renters.

Driving in Marion County

Marion County roads are mostly rural with country highways that create arteries of traffic across the county. The most congested area in the county is usually the business district and downtown neighborhood area surrounding the city of Lebanon, where numerous rural highways converge.

If you’re unfamiliar with the roads in Marion County, it’s easy to miss your turn. Out-of-town drivers sometimes head down the wrong road and travel far out into the rural farmland before realizing they took the wrong route.

Although it’s fairly easy to travel across Marion County from North to South using U.S. 68 and Highway 55/528, traveling East-West is more circuitous and may involve U.S. 68, U.S. 150, KY 426, KY 84, KY 49, and/or numerous country roads.

Dangerous Roads in Marion County

Marion County has numerous dangerous intersections where two busy rural highways meet. Some intersections have stoplights, but many have no traffic lights and poor nighttime lighting. This creates an ever-present danger of crashes.

When driving in Marion County, take extra care around these areas:

  • West Main Street at West Walnut Street in Lebanon
  • U.S. 68 at KY 426/Miller Pike
  • U.S. 68 at North Spalding Avenue
  • U.S. 68 at Veteran’s Memorial Highway
  • Veteran’s Memorial Highway at KY 49
  • KY 84 at KY 527 in Raywick
  • KY 49 at KY 327 near St. Mary
  • KY 49 at KY 52 in Loretto
  • KY 49 at KY 337/East Main Street in Bradfordsville
  • U.S. 68 at KY 243 in Gravel Switch

After a Car Crash, Count on McCoy & Sparks for Experienced Legal Representation

Rural roads and highways like the ones we have here in Marion County bring a constant risk of road accidents. When you take a drive, you’ll see winding turns, faded road signs, aging pavement with loose gravel, and ever-present road construction. Our country roads are full of hazards for cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Plus, we have plenty of distracted drivers, speeders, and people who drink and drive thinking police officers won’t stop them on rural roads.

If you’re in a car crash in Marion County, you should know McCoy & Sparks has extensive experience in the county’s court system. We have represented clients and practiced cases in the area since 1997. We’re dedicated to helping people who are struggling after car accidents. We start by getting to know your story and asking about your accident and injuries. We’ll explain all your options in plain, straightforward terms, giving you the pros and cons of each choice so that you will be empowered to make informed decisions about moving forward with your case.

When you work with McCoy & Sparks, Marion personal injury attorneys, to make a claim regarding your car accident, you owe us nothing unless we recover compensation for you. This is such a relief for those who are already coping with the trauma of a road accident.

We cover the following practice areas, among others:

Read on to learn more about the individual practice areas of law McCoy & Sparks serves, in case you ever need our services in the future.

Personal Injury Claims in Marion County

Personal injury claims take many forms. If you were injured on someone’s Marion County property or due to someone else’s negligence anywhere in Kentucky, our Marion County personal injury Attorneys can assist you. By filing a personal injury claim, you can seek the compensation needed to cover medical bills and your other losses.

Car Accidents in Marion County

In a few moments, a car accident changes your life. With the help of a car accident lawyer, you can sort through your legal options and seek the compensation you’ll need to fix your car, pay your medical bills, and move forward with your life.

Distracted Driving in Marion County

Did you know distracted driving accidents are on the rise in Kentucky and across the country? If someone hits you in a Marion County distracted driving accident, you can sue them for damages.

Truck Accidents in Marion County

Truck accidents happen when big rigs crash into other vehicles on the road. These are devastating accidents, so don’t hesitate to recoup your losses with a lawsuit against the trucking company and their insurance carrier.

Motorcycle Accidents in Marion County

A motorcycle accident could change your life and injure you for a lifetime. But you can sue for your medical bills, plus the cost of damage to your bike, lost wages, and more. Contact a one of our attorneys with experience handling motorcycle cases in and around Marion County.

Medical Malpractice in Marion County

You might not realize how common medical malpractice is in our nation’s busy healthcare facilities. After a medical mistake, you or your child may need lifelong medical care, so a lawsuit helps protect your future. We’ve handled malpractice cases in Marion County and understand how to get things done.

Slip and Fall Injuries in Marion County

Falls are the #1 cause of emergency room visits in the U.S. If someone else causes your fall, or if they neglect their property and cause your accident, a personal liability claim can help you pay your medical bills.

Product Liability in Marion County

A product liability lawsuit arises when a company makes something unsafe that harms you. McCoy & Sparks handles a range of product liability claims, including those for electronics, toys, vaping devices, furniture, bath and body products, and more. We’ve handled large and significant product liability cases in Marion County.

Dog Bites in Marion County

Man’s best friend can go on the attack and create injury, pain, and expensive medical bills. After a dog bite, you can hold the dog’s owner responsible under Kentucky law.

Wrongful Death in Marion County

You may have a wrongful death claim if your loved one died due to someone else’s negligence. McCoy & Sparks is here to provide caring, compassionate legal representation for wrongful death claims.

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Trust McCoy & Sparks – Premier Marion County Personal Injury Attorneys

You can trust us because we’ve been recognized as one of the area’s best law firms for over a decade and counting. McCoy & Sparks works to help people get justice, get compensation, and get excellent representation while handling their legal issues, all with a focus on providing premium service and delivering superior results. No matter what kind of situation you’re facing, our goal is to develop a strategy that best serves your personal needs then use our skills to help you reach the best possible outcome.

Here’s how our process works: We start by getting to know you so we can understand the circumstances involved. Next, we’ll explain all your options, giving you the pros and cons of each choice so that you will be empowered to make an informed decision that best suits you. Finally, we will help you negotiate a settlement or provide a strong case for you in court.

We have served thousands of clients and are well-known in Marion County and beyond for having a stellar legal reputation and a true dedication to our clients. Plus, our services are affordable and you can start with a low-stress, risk-free consultation.

You owe us nothing unless we recover compensation for you. Make the right call to our law office at 1-844-4KY-WINS for a risk-free consultation with one of our attorneys today.