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Personal Injury Lawyers – Jefferson County

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Living in Jefferson County

Jefferson County is located in north-central Kentucky and includes the city of Louisville as its county seat. This area is sometimes known as Kentuckiana due to its unique Americana history and its close proximity to southern Indiana across the Ohio River.

Jefferson County offers an old-fashioned river-town atmosphere along the west edge and big-city Louisville living in the west-central area of the county. The city of Louisville is surrounded by dense suburban neighborhoods, then further outside the city, there are more sparsely populated rural areas along the northeast and southern edges of Jefferson County.

With a total population of 767,154, Jefferson County is the largest and county in Kentucky. It has great diversity including a thriving and eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, employers, entertainment options, and neighborhoods, surrounded by lush greenery from numerous city and county parks. This, in addition to above-average public schools, makes the area attractive to families and young professionals.

The dual city-county area of Louisville-Jefferson County is served by the iconic Jefferson County Courthouse, also known as Louisville Metro Hall, which is located in downtown Louisville. Jefferson County has many historic and notable buildings, including the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory, Louisville Watertower Park, the Muhammad Ali Center, Churchill Downs, and the Frazier History Museum.

Driving in Jefferson County

If you live in Jefferson County, you know it has an enormous number of interstates, state highways, and other busy roads that criss-cross Louisville and surrounding areas. For example, when you start on the east side of Jefferson County and head west into downtown Louisville, you’re likely to encounter busy highway traffic on I-64, I-264, and I-265, plus downtown congestion that’s almost at total gridlock during morning and evening rush hours. Multiple Interstates converge on an area known locally as “spaghetti junction.”

The county also has a high percentage of distance commuters who travel more than 20 minutes for their daily work commutes. Due to Louisville’s position near the border of Indiana, the city attracts people from both Indiana and Kentucky for work, entertainment, shopping, and more. This means traffic is almost always heavy in Louisville and surrounding areas.

On the southeast side of the city in the Highlands area, Bardstown Road/US Route 150 handles constant traffic through a popular restaurant and shopping zone. During busy evenings, the sidewalks in this area are packed with pedestrians and bicyclists, which makes it a tricky area to drive and requires careful attention to the road.

Dangerous Roads in Jefferson County

Jefferson County’s heavily-used highways have ever-present dangers for residents and travelers. Louisville’s I-264 has been the subject of public complaints for years due to frequent crashes and is often ranked as the county’s most dangerous road.

Beware of dangers on the following Jefferson County roads:

  • 2nd and Broadway, known as Louisville’s most dangerous downtown intersection
  • Bardstown Road merge point with US Route 31E and US Route 150
  • I-264/Watterson Expressway loop along the south side of Louisville, which has been called Louisville’s most dangerous highway
  • I-65 North on a busy route toward Indiana
  • I-65 South on a busy route toward Kentucky
  • I-265
  • I-64
  • I-71
  • US 31W/Dixie Highway
  • US 42
  • US 60
  • US 60 Alt.
  • US 150
  • KY 61/Preston Highway
  • KY 146
  • KY 148
  • KY 155
  • KY 660
  • KY 841
  • KY 864
  • KY 907
  • KY 1020
  • KY 1065
  • KY 1447
  • KY 1531
  • KY 1694
  • KY 1703
  • KY 1747
  • KY 1819
  • KY 1865
  • KY 1931
  • KY 1932
  • KY 1934
  • KY 2052
  • KY 3222

After a Car Crash, Count on McCoy & Sparks for Experienced Legal Representation

Were you in a car crash in Jefferson County? Our law office, as Personal Injury Attorneys in Jefferson County, has vast experience handling car accident cases in and around Jefferson County. McCoy & Sparks is built to help people that are struggling after car accidents. We start by getting to know you and your story. We explain all your options, giving you the pros and cons of each choice so that you will be empowered to make informed decisions about moving forward with your car crash case.

At McCoy & Sparks, you owe us nothing until we recover compensation for you. This affordable approach is such a relief for those who are already coping with the trauma of a road accident.

We represent clients in the following practice areas, among others:

Read on to learn more about the individual practice areas McCoy & Sparks serves, in case you ever need our legal services in the future.

Personal Injury Claims in Jefferson County

When you are harmed on someone’s Jefferson County property due to negligence, our personal injury team can handle your case. File a personal injury claim to seek the compensation needed to cover medical bills and other losses.

Car Accidents in Jefferson County

A car accident in or around Jefferson County can be very expensive and traumatizing. Your car accident lawyer helps you sort through your legal options and seek the compensation you’ll need to fix your car, pay your medical bills, and move on with your life.

Distracted Driving in Jefferson County

Distracted driving is on the rise around the country, as well as right here in Jefferson County. Electronic devices are often too tempting for people to ignore. After someone hits you in a distracted driving accident, you can sue them for damages.

Truck Accidents in Jefferson County

A truck accident can easily happen while speeding along on I-65 or KY 44 in Jefferson County. Take action after the accident by filing a claim against the trucking company and their insurance carrier.

Motorcycle Accidents in Jefferson County

Your Jefferson County motorcycle accident doesn’t have to ruin your life. Get compensation for your medical bills, plus the cost of damage to your bike, lost wages, and more.

Medical Malpractice in Jefferson County

Your health is in jeopardy after medical malpractice, and it’s more common than most people realize. When a medical professional fails to provide an adequate standard of care, a legal action helps protect your future.

Slip and Fall Injuries in Jefferson County

Here in Jefferson County and across the U.S., falls are the nation’s #1 cause of emergency room visits. If you were hurt in a fall that was someone else’s fault, a personal liability claim can help you recoup your costs.

Product Liability in Jefferson County

Unsafe products are all around us. When a company makes something faulty or hazardous, a product liability lawsuit may arise. We can help you sue over unsafe electronics, toys, vaping devices, furniture, bath and body products, and much more.

Dog Bites in Jefferson County

Even your friend’s sweet old hound dog could cause a devastating dog bite. But the good news is that you can make a claim for compensation and get your medical bills and other costs paid.

Wrongful Death in Jefferson County

In Jefferson County, a wrongful death claim is possible when a loved one dies due to someone else’s negligence. McCoy & Sparks provides caring, compassionate legal representation in wrongful death cases.

Emergency Contact Information for Jefferson County

In an emergency, always call 911.

Louisville Metro Police Department – (502) 574-7111
Louisville Metro Police Department – Third Division – (502) 574-2135
Jeffersontown Police Department – (502) 267-0503
Jefferson County Fire Service – (502) 572-3498
UofL Health Hospital – (502) 562-3000
Norton Hospital – (502) 629-8000
Norton Audubon Hospital – (502) 636-7111

Trust McCoy & Sparks – Premier Personal Injury Attorneys in Jefferson County

If you live in Jefferson County, including the city of Louisville and beyond, turn to McCoy & Sparks for your legal needs, your Personal Injury Lawyers, Jefferson County. We’re a well-known law firm, having served the people of Central Kentucky for more than 25 years. McCoy & Sparks works to help people resolve their legal issues, and have represented thousands of clients in Kentucky with a focus on providing premium legal service and delivering superior results. Regardless of your situation, our goal is to develop a strategy that best serves your personal needs, and then draw upon our skills to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Here’s how it works: We start by getting to know you and understanding the circumstances involved in your situation. Next, we will explain all your options, giving you the pros and cons of each choice so that you will be empowered to make informed decisions. Finally, we will help you negotiate a settlement or provide a strong case for you in court.

Our firm is well-known for having a stellar legal reputation and a true dedication to our clients. Plus, our services are affordable for local folks.

You owe us nothing unless we recover compensation for you. Make the right call to 1-844-4KY-WINS for a risk-free consultation with one of our attorneys today.