Causes Of Truck Accidents

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    Every semi truck accident that happens in Kentucky is unique, as is each victim’s injuries. At the same time, when you look at the data, patterns emerge.

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    What Causes Truck Crashes In Kentucky?

    Many collisions involving 18-wheelers happen because of something the truck driver did — or failed to do. In a 2007 study, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration divided the source of truck accidents into four categories:

    1. Performance, or taking mistaken actions, like overcompensating after drifting into the wrong lane
    2. Nonperformance, or failing to take necessary action due to drowsiness or a medical emergency
    3. Recognition, or a driver being too distracted, such as by a cellphone, to notice the conditions for a dangerous accident
    4. Decision, or a driver deliberately driving dangerously, such as by speeding or following the vehicle in front of them too closely

    Whenever a truck driver makes one of these critical errors, everyone on the road around them is in danger.

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