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Multi-Car Crashes: How Do You Know Who’s Responsible? And How Do You Stay Safe When You’re in One?

Summary Statement: This article explains how to keep yourself safe following a multi-car accident, how insurance companies and law enforcement determine fault, and how a personal injury can help you. If you have been involved in any type of car crash, you know that it can be harrowing and even catastrophic when a 3,000-pound vehicle […]

Common Causes of Kentucky Motorcycle Accidents

While everyone on the road faces some of the same problems when it comes to accident-causing behaviors or events, motorcyclists also encounter some unique challenges not faced by drivers in cars and trucks. Due to the distinct differences between a motorcycle and other vehicles, motorcyclists also tend to face more severe injuries when involved in […]

Proving a Kentucky Slip and Fall Case

Have you, or someone you know, been the victim of a Slip and Fall accident in Kentucky? According to Premise Liability Law, every property owner must ensure that their property is maintained and repaired to prevent any dangerous conditions, including, but not limited to, ice, holes, and standing water. Despite these regulations, many owners do […]

Intersection Crashes and Who Is at Fault

Where there is multi-directional traffic and intersecting lanes, there are bound to be collisions. With so many moving parts at an intersection, it’s easy for drivers to get confused or distracted, or to simply make a mistake. And then of course there are the drivers that intentionally disobey signs and signals. No matter how they […]

What to Do After a Boating Accident in Kentucky

We may not be adjacent to an ocean, but the residents of Kentucky love their boats, lakes, and rivers. Central Kentucky is home to several waterways: Taylorsville Lake, Nolin Lake, Herrington Lake, Guist Creek Lake, Barren River, Rough River, and the Ohio River are close; and Lake Cumberland is less than two hours away. We […]

Pedestrian Accident: Know What To Do

Summary: As a pedestrian, you never know when a vehicle could hit you and cause physical, emotional, and financial damage. There are certain important things you should do after your pedestrian accident. Imagine taking your daily walk when a vehicle strikes you out of nowhere and leaves you with severe injuries. You go to the […]

Three Types of Defective Product Claims

Each of us uses a variety of products in our day-to-day lives, from mechanical to electrical and beyond. When purchasing these products, we may look at reviews for ease of use or choose instead based on price or aesthetic quality. No matter how we choose the products we purchase and utilize, we all share the […]

How Easily We Become Distracted While Driving

It’s easy to become distracted while driving, particularly in today’s world of 24/7 media; we are constantly surrounded by information while on the road, from billboards to radio to our smartphones and even our own thoughts. But multitasking, no matter how much we may do it at work or at home, is dangerous while driving […]